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Which is the Best Day to Play Slots in Casinos?


Gamblers have so many fantastic options to choose from in any casino that it’s possible to play for hours (or until the bankroll runs out!). Slots are some of the most entertaining gambling games available since they are fast paced and have innovative themes in addition to high tech animation and sound effects. All you have to do when you visit your favourite casino in order to play Tiki Island slots or any other game is go to the right machine and place your wager.

Best Day to Play SlotsSlots are available at all times of the day and you can visit a casino any time you please. However, do you ever wonder whether any one day is better than the other for playing slots? In other words, is any day luckier than the other?

Many experienced slots players feel that certain days or even times of the day are better than others for getting a win. Based upon their experience, they feel that slot games that have been played for a very long time without a big win are more likely to generate a whopper of a win. Therefore, they believe that Mondays are lucky for slots players because the machines would have got a lot of play over the weekend. If you can go to the casino during the early hours of Monday then you’re more likely to get lucky playing slot games and can expect better pay outs than you usually get. You’ll have to turn up really early, around 1 or 2 am when the bulk of the casino crowd has gone home!

There is another advantage of visiting a casino at this late hour. You’ll be able to pick and choose the machines you want to play on since the casino will be fairly empty at this time. In fact, you won’t have to deal with long queues waiting in front of your favourite Tiki Island slot game!

The American Gaming Association, on the other hand, doesn’t feel that the day of the week plays any role in the returns provided by a slot game. In fact, they maintain that each spin is absolutely independent of the other since the symbols appearing on the reels depend on a Random Number Generator and not anything else. Since the game is absolutely random, there is no such thing as a losing streak or a winning one.

Irrespective of what the Gaming Association maintains, you shouldn’t entirely write off what experienced gamblers feel about lucky days since they play so frequently. As a matter of fact, there are even more advantages of gambling during weekdays. Casinos tend to offer better discounts on entertainment, food and beverages, and even hotel stays on weekdays because they see lots of traffic on weekends without having to do any promotional activities.

Whether you play slot games on weekends or weekdays finally boils down to your individual preference. You’ll have a great deal of fun playing all sorts of slot games irrespective of when you visit the casino.


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