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Tombola Has Evolved With the Times


Founded in 1999, Tombola has now become the leading bingo site in Britain. The natural bingo community characteristic has at all times been at the vanguard for Tombola since it was opened up in 2006. The site is continuously discovering ways for the betterment of the players’ practice as well as possessing an in-house game development along with a design team signifies that the site can respond to what their customers’ want. The site has a status “Britain’s biggest bingo site” to live up to; and endeavor to preserve this title in the UK and also in the European markets.

Murray Chisholm, MD of Tombola International is aiming at additional development for Tombola. He was formerly from Manchester and at present he is at the rudder of Tombola while living in Gibraltar. He started the site because he was always obsessive about bingo. He had his early roles helped in the understanding of technology along with being lucky enough to mature with the industry.

As Brexit had an impact on many organisations putting their growth strategies on pause, however, it will not affect the operations of business for tambola. The site remains loyal to their long-term plan and do not wish to change their future plans regardless of the Bretix result.

Tombola is Different From Other Companies

Tombola has always emerged as a real and decent customer-focused bingo brand. The company holds strong beliefs related to responsible gambling, which is vigorously supported and promoted through their market operations and through their chat moderator service. Loyalty towards the customers is the major reason behind the strength of the brand, which distinguishes it from the rest of the industry.

Bingo has Become a Mainstream Game at Tombola

The social feature of online bingo is a basic part of its enlarging fame. This is what attracts young players, as they can communicate with random people and make friends too, while enjoying the game.

Responsible Gambling at Tombola

The Tombola site has received awards for responsible gambling, which is a main aspect of their power in all markets. By managing the maximum rate of spend, the worth of money is enhanced. Tombola is all about enjoyment and playing cautiously.

Online Bingo Versus Real Bingo Halls at Tombola

Playing online bingo is more involving than in bingo halls as players are motivated to interact with each other. The chat moderators work all day to make sure that all discussions held in the chat rooms are proper, which aids to sustain the optimistic environment.

Academy for Graduates and Trainees at Tombola

Spending in the individual makes sure that the tech team is continuously growing and Tombola is aiding with the development of future tech stars. Promising developers are implanted into numerous teams in the company and are provided with the chance to work besides skilled developers. Graduates progress through normal reviews and feedback. Graduate recruitment is a vital part of Tombola’s development.

Challenges for Tombola

The biggest test for all the tech companies are alterations made to operating systems. If a platform is altered to welcome technologies developed in a new language and no more maintains the former language then you have to adapt to it. Second challenge is protecting the technology (IP) you have built.

Staying updated with industry fashions is crucial. The site advances towards international growth carefully and only head towards new markets once they are legal. Tombola has a huge user base in Europe and also has a game called ‘Cinco’, named after the Spanish word for five. Technology has assisted a bingo company established in Sunderland go international.

Recently, Tombola has received permission to start the £5 million development next to their present headquarters in Sunderland. This growth assures over 120 new jobs in the North East, majorly in software development and design.


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