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The Wild Symbol of Tiki Island Slot


As slot games can be adapted and moulded in to any theme, slot games are available in a variety of attractive themes. This, in fact, is very much appreciated by the players since each new slot game takes them through a different experience. Depending on the theme, now players are able to choose slot games, which they would like to play with. When a player wishes to be transfixed to an exotic locale, one option open to him is to play a slot game like Tiki Island. Tiki Island is based on the Pacific island theme.

The Features of Tiki Island Slot

As in any slot game, Tiki Island also offers players a huge amount of excitement, and enormous chances for earning a slew of bonuses. Thus, players not only get their share of entertainment, but they also get ample opportunities to earn valuable income from the game. Further, Tiki Island is packaged as a five reel game, which means that the probability of winning is higher too!

Winning Made Easy

Wild SymbolLike in all the new generation slot games, at Tiki Island too, there are scatter and wild symbols to provide players a gateway to some quick money. These symbols have been introduced to facilitate the players to by-pass the requirement of matching the house configuration. These symbols are represented attractively to match the theme of the game. Thus, the wild and scatter symbols of Tiki Island are represented by icons reminding a player about the island settings. The wild symbol of this slot is Tiki Island logo, while the scatter symbols include the Spears and Shield and Puffer Fish Bonus.

The Role of Wild Symbols

As the name is suggestive, wild symbols act as a triumph card for the players. When a wild symbol appears anywhere on the slot reel, it has the property of transforming itself in to any other symbol, so as to help the players to complete the winning configuration. Exception to this rule is that wild symbols do not substitute the scatter symbols. Similarly, the wild symbols do not have the ability to activate the bonus games, which are lined up in any slot game.

The More, the Merrier!

Another feature of the wild symbol is that players are able to enjoy greater benefits when the number of wild symbol increases. Thus, in Tiki Island slot, which is a five reel game, when five wild symbols appear, it means that the payout is multiplied too. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the number of symbols appearing with the pay line and the coin size. The size of the coin is an important factor in deciding the winning amount in slots.

Free Tiki Island Slot

When players wish to get a feel of how the wild and scatter symbols function, they have an easy option of playing the trial games. By opting to play the trial games, players get the dual benefit of familiarising themselves with the symbols like wild and scatter, and are also able to play without making any casino deposits.


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