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The Huge Wins of Various Leicester City Fans


Have you ever thought of making thousands of pounds with just 60p? If not then read this amazing piece of article. According to media reports, a self-employed DJ, Nathaniel Whessell won 3,000 pounds by placing a bet of just 60p. This 20-year old man remarked that he is not actually a fan of Leicester but he made a decision to gamble on it when he had just a few pennies left in his William Hill account.

The Huge WinsIn the Words of Nathaniel

Nathaniel mentioned in an interview that he is big fan of Brighton not Leicester. Whenever he wishes to place a bet, he does that on Brighton. However, with the odds of 16-1, he did not find the bet to be worth placing at Brighton. In fact, the player was not at all interested to put even 60p on anything but he did that just for a laugh. In addition to this, it is true that bookmakers are today offering an opportunity to the gamblers to cash out the bet early for a reduced sum. At present, Nathaniel is holding around last three games i.e. against Chelsea, Manchester United and Everton.

The Huge Win of Keval Nakeshree

Keval is one of those other players who have recently won 5,000 pounds just by placing a bet of 5 pounds. He remarked that last year, Leicester was bottom at the bottom of the league. Keval decided to place the bet when number of people remarked that Leicester was going down. This thing inspired him to place the bet and he did that.

In addition to this, Keval is a big fan of Leicester, as he was born in that city. He has always kept a note of the likes of Muzzy Izzet and Emile Heskey at the club’s old Filbert Street ground. Keval had no plans to cash out the bet early. However, after he saw the outbreak of gamblers, he decided to do that.

Other Wins

Another player, John Pryke cashed out his bet at 20 pounds and took home around 29,000 pounds. In the words of Pryke, the game was being ruined and he just wanted to enjoy the game by witnessing the victory of Leicester in the premiership. He was not much sure about the result when the bet was placed. Earlier, the player has planned to buy a bungalow but he has now ended up with revamping his existing house.

He further remarked that it’s actually been a very craze season and the wise decision would be to just take the money and run. On the other hand, another Leicester fan cashed out his ticket and made a win of 29,788 pounds. This player did not want to be named and made a regular visit to the shop to know about the cash out value of the bet. Further, Ladbrokes still have 23 gamblers who are resisting cashing out early.

Therefore, it is clear that Leicester has proved to be very profitable for number of players around and outside the city.

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