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The Gamesys Group Becomes Leading Gaming Company Thanks to Innovation and Acquisitions


The Gamesys Group is one of the best known companies in the online gambling industry and it has expanded tremendously over the past 14 years. The company, headquartered in Central London, was started in 2001 and by Andrew Dixon, Noel Hayden, and Robin Tombs and it has gone on to make an excellent reputation for itself. Some of the best known websites used by gamblers and gamers from all over the world make use of Gamesys software because of its user friendliness and high quality. In fact, the Gamesys name is generally more than enough to bring in customers to a casino.

The Gamesys GroupGamesys has always been at the forefront of innovation in the online entertainment industry, and this enables it to offer a range of games that are highly popular with gamblers. In addition, the company has also entered into a partnership with Facebook to offer gaming applications that use real cash.

The Gamesys Group has been able to grow at a steady rate to become one of the Top 5 Online Gaming Companies in business today. It has expanded tremendously by entering into strategic partnerships with many online casino businesses such as Caesars, Tropicana Casinos and News Corp to name a few. The Group has also acquired the immensely popular Virgin Games site in addition to many others. Websites using Gamesys software do billions of dollars of business every year.

The various companies that make up the Gamesys group include Mice and Dice Ltd, its marketing agency, as well as a number of companies, which are licensed to operate online gambling companies. These companies include Profitable Play Ltd, Leisure Spin Ltd, Entertaining Play Limited, Nozee Limited and Gamesys Spain Plc. The flagship online gambling website of this company is the hugely popular JackpotJoy where customers can play games for free or by paying. One reason for this gambling website’s success has been its games based upon iconic TV game shows such as Deal or No Deal, Strike it Lucky and The Price is Right.

While Gamesys gambling software is no doubt popular with a large number of gamblers, the company itself is highly acclaimed in the industry. Various websites under its flag have been awarded at different points of time for the quality of their slots, bingo, and other products. Gamesys has excellent bingo offerings as a result of acquiring the contracts for Sun Bingo and Fabulous Bingo from News International.

Gamesys has become a gambling industry giant, thanks to its focus on offering highly innovative and entertaining products to gamblers, especially in the highly popular and lucrative fields of slots and bingo. Different products from this company are enjoyed by over 24 million players from different parts of the world. The fabulously entertaining and rewarding Tiki Island slot is from this company. The team at Gamesys has won many awards for its high quality work, and employees say that the fun atmosphere at the company headquarters has a lot to do with their energy and creative output. The company has more than 900 employees at present and it doesn’t seem to be putting the brakes on its growth yet.


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