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The EU Countries can Look up to Spain for its Gains in Online Slots


Gambling has always been a controversial topic for many countries and people. While people love to gamble either in land-based casinos or online, there are a set of people who dislike it. Keeping the interest of all the groups of the society in mind, several governments have decided to tackle the issue of gambling. While some governments have banned it altogether, there are some that have kept it alive. Gambling is banned in most parts of the US, whereas it is legal in some parts of Europe.The EU Countries

When we shift the lens to Spain, we realise that the government had effectively regulated gambling activities since 1977. More so, other EU countries should learn something from the way the government handled the entire business of gambling. As of now, Spain has about 40 land-based casinos operating in the border. It was in 2011 when the Spanish Gambling Act was put into place to help the government regulate the gaming activities. It was a boon for iGaming and the 47 million people of Spain at the time.

It was only last year in 2015 that the authorities introduced an expansion process and consequently approved about 29 more slot machines. This actually was responsible for increasing the number of online casinos in Spain. More casinos were opened in areas where people did not access to them; hence it became convenient for them to choose this alternative.

Slots Always Strong

Slots have always been the favourite of all people in a casino. Traditionally, they were popular in land-based casinos where people used to fight over their favourite machine or stand in line for hours to get to play on their favourite ones. Hence, they have played a significant role in a casino. Now, online slots have taken the gambling world by storm. If you have a running Internet connection, you can play slots from the comfort of your home. You do not have to travel all the way or even get ready; you play the best of games online in just your pyjamas.

Hence, this was no different for the people in Spain as well. Online slots are a rage there too. In statistics calculated by the Spanish country regulator called DGOJ, the people playing on online gambling have collectively generated €84.2 only in revenues in the third quarter in 2015. In this figure, online slots have generated revenue of for €18.1 million. The online game that had the lowest number of players was bingo. Hence, the government of other countries should take note of the rising popularity of online gambling and see if there is potential for them to make rules that are more acceptable in this regard.

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The most important aspect to keep in mind when introducing gambling to the public is to have a set of rules and regulations in mind. You need to factor in all the possibilities and see if it works well with the laws of the land as well. Taking the example of Spain, other countries in the EU can follow suit.

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