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Sun Bingo is a Popular Jackpotjoy Sister Site for Playing Tiki Island Slot!


Jackpotjoy is one of the most popular bingo sites in the UK and it certainly deserves this position.

Originally featuring only scratch cards and casino games, this site is owned by Gamesys, which is one of the leading gambling software developers in the world.

Jackpotjoy has helped many brands have online bingo sites and even though they are all branded differently, they offer the same games and feature the same promotions like Tiki Island slot and bonuses.

However, the site made for The Sun is a completely independent one that nevertheless shares many of the best features of Jackpotjoy.


Both sites, Jackpotjoy and The Sun Bingo have many things in common and they are able to attract and retain customers easily.

They have an excellent selection of games and both sites offer very attractive and innovative promotions.

They are also managed very well and are subject to licensing and regulation, which means that customers will not have any problems using the gaming website.

In fact, The Sun is one of the most popular Jackpotjoy sister sites!

If you are looking for a really good gaming website as an alternative to Jackpotjoy, then you will not have to look further than Sun Bingo.

This gaming site has been in business for quite a while, but it occupied its present Jackpotjoy-powered site approximately seven years ago!

While the old site became Tombola, Sun Bingo was able to get its players to move with it.

That’s no small feat, considering how competitive the gambling business is.

In any case, thanks to the change, the players were given many attractive new games in addition to their old favourites.

A Great Selection of Games

Sun Bingo is a great place to enjoy bingo because it features 90-ball, 80-ball, and 70-ball bingo games.

While this is the focus of the site, there are also many other games available here.

The selection of slot games is pretty impressive and you’ll find a whole lot of them on the site.

There is a certain amount of overlap with the slot games on Jackpotjoy and most customers don’t seem to have any problem with it.

Attractive Promotions

Sun Bingo doesn’t lag behind Jackpotjoy when it comes to the number and frequency of promotions that it offers.

For starters, there is a wonderful 200% first deposit bonus waiting for you. There are also free games available on the site.

Bingo players will be happy to take advantage of the BOGOF plan as well as the Session Bingo, which permits them to play all sorts of games over a fixed period and after paying a certain amount of money.

The site also ensures that some promotions are run in conjunction with the Sun magazine.

Overall, Sun Bingo has been very successful in offering an experience similar to what Jackpotjoy offers, while still retaining its unique characteristics that have made it particular.

If you are looking for a break from Jackpotjoy, then this site will be of great use to you and you’ll be able to start playing without delay.

Some of the other most popular Jackpotjoy sister sites are Heart Bingo, Fabulous Bingo and Caesars Casino.


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