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Slot Machine Pay Lines Offer Different Ways of Winning


One of the most important features of a slot game is the number of pay lines it has. This is because payouts are awarded on the basis of winning combinations on enabled pay lines. You have to place a bet on a particular line in order to enable it. Slot games have different numbers of pay lines available, starting with one, and going all the way up to 100 or more. The immensely popular Tiki Island slot, for instance, has 20 pay lines, which tremendously increases your chances of winning, as long as you bet on multiple lines.

Slot Machine Pay LinesModern day slot machines are not mechanically operated. Instead, their displays are generated by computer software and the combinations that appear on the screen are generated absolutely at random. As a result, it is absolutely easy for slot game manufacturers to create games that have many pay lines.

More Active Pay Lines Equal More Frequent Wins

As mentioned earlier, you can only win if the winning combination falls on a pay line that you have bet on. Therefore, it is a good strategy to activate all pay lines every time you spin, even if you bet a very small amount each time. In fact, this is absolutely necessary in case you wish to try your luck at progressives. This means that you wave to bet more money on each spin, but it at least increases your chances of winning.

In case you spot a winning combination on your screen, but haven’t been credited with a win, then this is because the combination has not appeared on an enabled pay line! Then again, scatter and bonus symbols will pay even if they appear on an inactive pay line.

Pay Lines Differ from Slot to Slot

Each slot game has a different type of pay line, with most going for straight lines that cross the screen horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Some games also have zig-zag pay lines. While most slot machines have winning combinations that pay from the left of the screen to the right, there are others in which direction is not important. In the case of Tiki Island slot, while the first three pay lines are horizontal lines, and the fourth and fifth are shaped as a V and inverted V respectively, the others have zig-zag and other configurations. The pay lines are clearly indicated on each game and you’ll have a great deal of fun trying them out.

Always Check Pay Line Rules Before Playing

The rules vary according to the slot game. In the case of Tiki Island slots, you can wager as little as 1p and as much as £10 on every line bet. The bet amount, whatever it is, will have to be equal for all the lines you choose to activate. In case you have wins on more than one pay line, then they will be added together. Each enabled pay line can only have a single win, in which case the highest combination is chosen.

With 20 pay lines, Tiki Island slot gives you a good shot at making money while having a great deal of fun. This Gamesys slot game is definitely worth a try!


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