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Rank Group Launches Digital Gaming Platform From Bede


Noted UK based gambling company the Rank Group has launched a new digital gaming platform to enable it to tap into the fast growing and very competitive online gaming business. Supplied by Bede Gaming, the new gaming platform supports the group’s gaming site as well as its mobile app from its two popular brands Mecca and Grosvenor. There are also plans to launch it on another Rank brand Enracha which is extremely popular in the Spanish market.

Henry Birch, CEO of Rank Group, pointed out that the company’s latest gaming platform had a very successful launch taking several parameters into account. Not only did the platform get ready within its budgeted time and cost but it also increased the functionality of the gambling sites which can easily be played via desktop or mobile. However, the company hopes to improve the site’s performance even further by adding a few more features to the software.
The Rank Group, based in Maidenhead, operates a number of land-based bingo clubs in different parts of the United Kingdom in addition to its digital products that offer slots, table games, electronic casino games, as well as bingo. Rank Group has extensive gambling operations in different parts of Spain and it also has two gambling outlets in Belgium.

The Rank Group has managed to achieve very good results this year, with increased revenues over all sectors when compared to the previous year. The company notched revenues of £370.1 million in the second half of 2015, which was an increase of 5% over the previous year. There was also a 11% increase in operating profit to touch £46.1 million.

Bede gaming is also very optimistic about its future prospects now that its software has got greater visibility online. The company’s chairman, Joe Saumarez Smith, said that the new platform’s smooth launch was only to be expected and that the collaboration with the Rank Group was very important for its growth plans. The company was founded in 2011 and it has come a long way in the last five years since its online gaming platform and other gaming products are very effective and easy to use. It has its headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne but it also operates from Sofia and London.

The introduction of the new digital gaming platform is no doubt very important for the Rank Group’s future growth plans. However, the company is also preparing to launch two more bingo clubs later on this year. In addition, it will be launching a new sports betting product to tap into this highly competitive yet lucrative market.

All in all, the Rank Group has plans to expand its market share by providing its customers with the best quality betting experience. It has almost 2 million customers in the United Kingdom and the numbers are expected to increase at a healthy pace. It will be a challenge to increase the customer base whilst also ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained at all times without taking up costs very much.

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