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Privacy Policy

This www.bingowithslots.co.uk website has been designed to be as easy to use as is possible, we do of course have our own unique privacy policy in place throughout this website and you will find the full details of how that privacy policy work below.

Information That We Collect from Your Visit

There is a range of different information that we will be anonymously collecting from you whenever you choose to visit this website from any type of computer or mobile device and as such we shall now let you know how that information is collected from you.

Cookies are used throughout this website so do please be aware that as soon you visit our website via any web browser we will place a cookie onto your computer which you are able to remove at any time from your computer and that cookie is simply used to identify to us that you have visited this website and have taken a look around the site.

To help our team get an understanding of just how many people have visited this website and which parts of the website are getting the most hits and views we use statistical software which has been attached to our server.

As such paying this website a visit from any browser will allow us to see at what time of the day or night you visited this website, what type of web browser and operating system you used to visit our website and also allows us to see which parts of the website you visited.

How We Use Any Information Supplied

If you do make contact with us via email then we will not be signing you up for any advertising newsletters and as such we will only reply to any questions you may have, if you sign up for our newsletters then we will be storing your information securely and will only use it to send out those newsletters.

Third Party Websites and Links

As you peruse this website you will see that we have chosen to showcase a range of third party websites via either text links or banner links. Those third party websites are not owned by us and as such we cannot and will not be held responsible for any content or images displayed on these websites.

You will however find each third party website we have listed, reviewed or linked to on this website will have their own privacy policies so do familiarize yourself with them.