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Playtech Forsees Major Success With Nostradamus Slot Game


Slot games enthusiasts have plenty of fantastic options to choose from since gaming software companies keep on releasing new titles at a fairly regular basis. However, anyone who plays slots often will tell you that the games tend to look pretty similar because they all share the same colour schemes and images. Playtech’s decision to create a slot game themed on Nostradamus is therefore quite a good idea. After all, how many games could be themed around a sixteenth century French doctor and visionary?

The Nostradamus slot game does belong to the Playtech stables, but it has been created by Ash Gaming which Playtech bought in 2011. Ash Gaming, in business since 2000, produces a whole lot of interesting games and its titles such as The Life of Brian, and Sinbad’s Golden Voyage are extremely popular.

Fabulous Look

The first thing you will notice about the Nostradamus game is its lovely artwork. It has a very medieval look and the symbols used in it include globes, books, hourglasses and telescopes. The overall look of the game is extremely sophisticated. The game also has a lovely soundtrack that matches the classy visuals. It is clear to see that the production values of the game are of extremely high quality, very much like other titles from Ash Gaming.

Predictions From Nostradamus

One of the coolest things about the game is the way in which it uses the Nostradamus story. The grand old man makes quite a few predictions during the game when it is in regular play mode. These aren’t the original quatrains but are announcements of bonuses and cash prizes. Chances are that players would prefer these predictions to the original ones!

Special Features

The game has a very attractive special feature known as the Planets Bonus. It consists of planets orbiting the sun. In case the planets align on the win line then they will provide the player with multipliers depending on the number of planets that are aligned. The game also has free spins rounds that have three wild symbols. Each of these wilds operates in a different way to provide benefits to players. Players will definitely enjoy seeing these symbols because of how they can multiply wins.


Some people might complain that the Nostradamus game is a bit too sophisticated. In fact, the soundtrack uses elements of classical music and lots of people simply might not like listening to this type of music when gambling. The bonus game could also have been given additional interactive features to make things more interesting. People tend to prefer games that require audience participation beyond just placing wagers.


Nostradamus Prophecy is without doubt a superb game thanks to its unusual theme and its superb artwork. This is a very good game to try out even if classical music and a medieval theme doesn’t really work for you. You’ll easily find this game on many gambling sites where you will also come across a whole lot of interesting titles from Playtech.


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