The EU Countries can Look up to Spain for its Gains in Online Slots


Gambling has always been a controversial topic for many countries and people. While people love to gamble either in land-based casinos or online, there are a set of people who dislike it. Keeping the interest of all the groups of the society in mind, several governments have decided to tackle the issue of gambling. While some governments have banned it altogether, there are some that have kept it alive. Gambling is banned in most parts of the US, whereas it is legal in some parts of Europe.The EU Countries

When we shift the lens to Spain, we realise that the government had effectively regulated gambling activities since 1977. More so, other EU countries should learn something from the way the government handled the entire business of gambling. As of now, Spain has about 40 land-based casinos operating in the border. It was in 2011 when the Spanish Gambling Act was put into place to help the government regulate the gaming activities. It was a boon for iGaming and the 47 million people of Spain at the time.

It was only last year in 2015 that the authorities introduced an expansion process and consequently approved about 29 more slot machines. This actually was responsible for increasing the number of online casinos in Spain. More casinos were opened in areas where people did not access to them; hence it became convenient for them to choose this alternative.

Slots Always Strong

Slots have always been the favourite of all people in a casino. Traditionally, they were popular in land-based casinos where people used to fight over their favourite machine or stand in line for hours to get to play on their favourite ones. Hence, they have played a significant role in a casino. Now, online slots have taken the gambling world by storm. If you have a running Internet connection, you can play slots from the comfort of your home. You do not have to travel all the way or even get ready; you play the best of games online in just your pyjamas.

Hence, this was no different for the people in Spain as well. Online slots are a rage there too. In statistics calculated by the Spanish country regulator called DGOJ, the people playing on online gambling have collectively generated €84.2 only in revenues in the third quarter in 2015. In this figure, online slots have generated revenue of for €18.1 million. The online game that had the lowest number of players was bingo. Hence, the government of other countries should take note of the rising popularity of online gambling and see if there is potential for them to make rules that are more acceptable in this regard.

Lead Strategy

The most important aspect to keep in mind when introducing gambling to the public is to have a set of rules and regulations in mind. You need to factor in all the possibilities and see if it works well with the laws of the land as well. Taking the example of Spain, other countries in the EU can follow suit.

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Which is the Best Day to Play Slots in Casinos?


Gamblers have so many fantastic options to choose from in any casino that it’s possible to play for hours (or until the bankroll runs out!). Slots are some of the most entertaining gambling games available since they are fast paced and have innovative themes in addition to high tech animation and sound effects. All you have to do when you visit your favourite casino in order to play Tiki Island slots or any other game is go to the right machine and place your wager.

Best Day to Play SlotsSlots are available at all times of the day and you can visit a casino any time you please. However, do you ever wonder whether any one day is better than the other for playing slots? In other words, is any day luckier than the other?

Many experienced slots players feel that certain days or even times of the day are better than others for getting a win. Based upon their experience, they feel that slot games that have been played for a very long time without a big win are more likely to generate a whopper of a win. Therefore, they believe that Mondays are lucky for slots players because the machines would have got a lot of play over the weekend. If you can go to the casino during the early hours of Monday then you’re more likely to get lucky playing slot games and can expect better pay outs than you usually get. You’ll have to turn up really early, around 1 or 2 am when the bulk of the casino crowd has gone home!

There is another advantage of visiting a casino at this late hour. You’ll be able to pick and choose the machines you want to play on since the casino will be fairly empty at this time. In fact, you won’t have to deal with long queues waiting in front of your favourite Tiki Island slot game!

The American Gaming Association, on the other hand, doesn’t feel that the day of the week plays any role in the returns provided by a slot game. In fact, they maintain that each spin is absolutely independent of the other since the symbols appearing on the reels depend on a Random Number Generator and not anything else. Since the game is absolutely random, there is no such thing as a losing streak or a winning one.

Irrespective of what the Gaming Association maintains, you shouldn’t entirely write off what experienced gamblers feel about lucky days since they play so frequently. As a matter of fact, there are even more advantages of gambling during weekdays. Casinos tend to offer better discounts on entertainment, food and beverages, and even hotel stays on weekdays because they see lots of traffic on weekends without having to do any promotional activities.

Whether you play slot games on weekends or weekdays finally boils down to your individual preference. You’ll have a great deal of fun playing all sorts of slot games irrespective of when you visit the casino.

Have Fun Playing Slots at Online Slots Tournament


If you enjoy playing online slots (and which gambler doesn’t?), then you’ll probably also love playing an online slots tournament. People are increasingly choosing to gamble on the internet because this is by far the most convenient and affordable option. They go online so that they can gamble in peace without being disturbed by noisy people or having to waste time standing in queues for their favourite games. What’s more is that, there are many more options available to online gamblers.

Online Slots TournamentYou can choose from a large number of 3-reel and 5-reel slots on internet based casinos, and these games have different themes that add to your enjoyment. There are many progressive slot games as well which are very popular on account of their huge jackpots that become bigger by the minute. As a matter of fact, slot games give you very affordable entertainment since you can wager very small sums of money, as little as 1p, on every spin. An online slots tournament can give you far more fun than individual games and they are becoming very popular these days. They also have very attractive cash rewards, often for second and third positions as well.

An online slots tournament has a fairly simple concept. You play the games exactly like you would normally do, except that you have to do everything at an accelerated pace. Participants in the tournament have to start with a certain amount of money in their bankroll and the objective is to win as much money as possible within a fixed time. The playing is adrenaline fuelled since players have to keep the reels spinning in order to increase their chances of a win.

You’ll be interested to know that seats at online slots tournaments are quite difficult to obtain since players fill them up as soon as the event is announced. In addition, casinos tend to restrict admission to these tournaments to members of their loyalty programmes only. This is another reason to join the loyalty programme if you haven’t already done so (joining it will entitle you to lots of rewards just for playing).

It no doubt takes a lot of luck to win a slots tournament but you can even try out certain strategies to reduce your losses and increase the possibilities of winning money. While you certainly cannot make a winning combination appear on your screen, you can at least activate multiple pay lines to take advantage of the combinations that land on your screen. In fact, if you ca practice various strategies on sites that offer free games then you might be more successful during the tournament.

Casinos like to organize online slots tournaments because this helps them attract and retain customers. In fact, some gambling sites even allow people to play these tournaments without any joining fee. Why don’t you check different gambling websites to see when their next slots tournament is? You’ll have a whole lot of fun playing it and might even get rewarded with a prize if you are really lucky!

Why Free Online Slot Machines are Becoming Immensely Popular?


Have you ever wondered why so many people are fascinated with playing free online slot games? In fact, these games are immensely popular with gamblers on account of their superb graphics, fast action and exciting themes. However, it has to be admitted that their popularity is quite surprising since it is not possible to win money on these games which are played without wagering any money.

Free online slot games are lots of things going for them which accounts for their fast growing acceptance in the gambling fraternity.

Free Online Slot MachinesThe most compelling reasons for the popularity of these free games are:

  • Obviously because they are free! After all, who doesn’t want to get something for free? People who enjoy playing slot games can enjoy themselves to their hearts content thanks to these free games. They play games such as Tiki Island slots to relax in their spare time and when they play for free then they don’t have to worry about losing any money at all.
  • These free online games are a great way to try new games out without spending any money at all. If the game doesn’t turn out to be very interesting then it is no loss at all for them and they move to another one immediately. There are so many types of slot games to choose from that it’s a pity to play one that is not interesting. Not only does the theme and quality of animation change from game to game but some games offer more free spins and other benefits than others.
  • Experienced gamblers try out free slot games to check out the performance of a website they have never used before. If the site is quick and responsive then they will consider opening an account there.
  • Another great reason to play free online slot games is to try out various game play strategies without risking any money. While it is never possible to predict when a win will happen or even influence the outcome of a game, it is certainly possible to play strategically whereby losses can be kept to the minimum and the chances of winning increased to the maximum. Savvy gamblers log on to online casinos to try these strategies on the free games before they actually use them on paid games.
  • Many players also try to figure out whether a game in question has any particular pattern of images displayed on the screen. They try to work out the most popular patterns so that they can place bets accordingly. This too is best done when playing games for free on the internet.

The internet based gambling industry is truly immense and slot games make up a big chunk of the industry. There are plenty of online casinos available to choose from and you should always choose wisely to have the best possible experience. Games such as Tiki Island slots can provide you with endless hours of entertainment and excitement but they only give out cash wins if you wager money on the spins.

Mr Green and Quickspin Join Hands in a New Deal


Mr Green is known all over in the online casino world as one of the most popular and trustworthy kind of game you can find on the internet. For years it has been the go-to casino for millions of players around the world and the great thing about them is that they are continuously innovating to keep the interest of their users. They keep striving to be the best they possibly can be. It was only recently that Mr Green won themselves a content deal with Swedish slots supplier Quickspin and this gave the casino access to the entire suite of online and mobile content that they never had before.

Mr Green and Quickspin

Mr Green has been recognised for using the latest technology to keep its audience’s interests. It has mobile first approach and mobile games that are fully optimized. These games provided by Quickspin are some of the best you’ll find in the industry. What this deal does is entitle Mr Green to the best of Quickspin’s best games such as the likes of Razortooth, Crystal Queen as well as Second Strike the release of which is highly anticipated.

So basically there is nothing that you won’t love about what has now come to be considered as a match made in the iGaming Heaven. The management at Mr Green and Quickspin are all praises about this new partnership. They were recently reported to admit that they were always looking out to bring new and interesting slots for their players’ entertainment and they are most excited to add Quickspin’s content to their offering. The above statement was made by Mr Green casino director Andy Braithwaite who is looking forward to what the New Year will bring.

The new deal is in the news of late as it will increase the quality of games even though the number of games will increase none of the quality will be compromised upon. Also at the casino where the action will take place and for players, there will be a whole bunch of games to choose from. Quickspin built-in offers to take advantage of the same.

Daniel Lindberg, who is the chief executive of Quickspin, was reportedly very pleased with the new partnership. He said that he had always felt that Mr. Green would have stood as a suitable partner as they shared very similar philosophies. He anticipates a smooth period ahead with few or no differences between the two companies.

Most are looking forward to seeing both parties to benefit from this new partnership. This prediction comes from a great track record that has been maintained by Mr Green previously. Especially in how they have maintained a steady growth of their customer base. Quickspin also follows closely, gaining popularity. Its turnkey iGaming solution is already known to provide millions of players with hours of entertainment on a daily basis.  Considering that their existing titles are all proven winners.  Lindberg went on to add that he was confident that Mr Green will benefit from them and vice versa.

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Are Online Slots the Real Deal?


The surge in popularity of online slot games like Tiki island game has resulted in debate between the online casino enthusiasts and the land based casino diehards regarding which of the two versions are superior. With both the factions stiffly arguing the merits of their cases, it is worth assessing the pros and cons of the two types of slot independently.

Real Enjoyment at Land Casinos

The Real DealThe land casino supporters naturally stoutly claim that the electric casino atmosphere can never be created when playing in the solitary confines of home. But the online slot supporters cite the excellent graphics brought out by the online slot software designers. For them the incredible and out-of-the- world animation is not something that could be replicated.

The Payouts at Slot Machines

Whereas when a player chooses to play Tiki island slot games online, he could hope to enjoy the benefits of very high payouts ranging even up to 98%, in contrast at land based casinos such payouts are uncommon. At land based casinos, the highest payout might at best be around 90%. Thus for players who look to make profit even while having good entertainment, online slot games is the answer.

Free Games to Play Online

One of the innovations of online casinos is the provision made available to play and enjoy the games for free. Without depositing any casino money as registration fees, players could play for hours their favourite Tiki Island slot games. Thus the free games available at the online casinos serve as trial games where the players could have a feel of the game. The free games also help the new players to shed their fears and play the game in a relaxed way. Since such facilities are not provided at land based casinos, these casinos definitely lose out to the online slots on this count.

Bonus Money and Bonus Rounds

While land based casinos also offer various incentives, the deluge of incentives offered at online slots are incomparable. May be the tougher competition which is seen at online casinos has made the promoters of these ventures to offer some unbelievable offers. When a person signs-in to play the Tiki island slot game, he immediately is credited with as much as 200% of the money deposited as bonus offer. Such high bonuses enable the players to play at the slots for longer period of time. There are various other incentives available at online slot games like the bonus rounds which again enhance the joy of playing as well as winning at the slot games.

Target Audience

Not only both the land based casinos and the online slots have the whole-hearted backing of loyal fans, the targeted players for the two types of casinos are totally different. Interestingly the land based casino player on no account could resist the temptation of visiting his favourite casino even if he had enjoyed online slot games overnight. Similar sentiments are displayed by online slot player.

Are You Aware of These While Playing Various Online Slot Games?


In as far as the online slots are considered playing the game is a very simple exercise, which needs no great practice or skill. Equally important fact is that winning here is not something which is under the control of the players. That is a player wins or loses purely by chance and not due to the effort of the player. Yet there are few factors which when taken care of at online slot machines turn the tide in favour of the players.

online slot gamesHow to Minimise Losses at Online Slot Machines?

The prime reason to lose heavily while playing games like Tiki island slots is the tendency of players not to know when to quit. Likewise, when players either play without a planned budget or if they do not stick to the budgetary limit, they are prone to lose at the casino. Thus irrespective of whether they are winning or losing, once they overshoot their budget, they should quit by all means.

Deciding About the Coins

Players should become familiar with the slot theories on the coin size. Players should learn when to play with the maximum coins and where not to play with the maximum coins. For example when in the progressive rounds of Tiki island slot game, it is beneficial to play with the maximum coin if the player wishes to have any realistic chance of winning the jackpot. Similarly at slots where coin value is proportional to the numbers, players do not benefit by playing with the maximum coins.

No Winning Pattern Ever Exists

Few players assume that when a slot machine has not provided a ‘hit’ for long, then it is the right time to play from it as the slot machine is due for a ‘hit’. But this is absolutely a fallacy since slots are functional based on the random number generator. And as the name implies, here the numbers or the patterns are generated randomly always and not as per any design.

Software in Aid of Winning Slots?

Few ingenious marketing personnel promote casino slot software which seeming has the potential to assist players in winning games like Tiki island slots. Players should be aware of the fact that such products do not in any way help them since efficacy of such software remains doubtful.

Reading the Payout Table

Players should understand that reading the playout table before playing would help them to choose the correct number of coins to get the maximum casino money. Yet another slot secret that the players got to be aware of is that it is beneficial to play with higher denomination coins while playing the tiki island slot games.

Jackpot Effects

Since slot games like Tiki island progress to the jackpot rounds, players can hope to make it big only when they succeed in winning the jackpots. Yet those who play the slots for the sheer love of it should remember not to invest all their casino earnings back in the game.

Clever Strategies to Help You Win Maximum in Online Slot Games


Online slots are very popular among players in the casino. But not everyone is really aware of the tips and strategies that they can use to play slot games like Tiki Island. For anyone to win and make money, they need to keep in mind certain rules. Agreed that you do not need to have any skills or any training in the game, but you still need to make sure you are well-aware of certain tricks that professional players use.

While we may provide you with certain guidelines, it is also essential that you pay attention while playing slots. It’s important that you don’t get carried away and wager more than you can afford. Some websites offer a free trial period to play their games. You should utilise this opportunity as you will be able to hone your skills as well as get an idea about the services of the website. It’s certainly a win-win situation.

You should also know that all online slot games such as Tiki Island have something called as a Random Number Generator (RNG). This means that a complicated algorithm is set in the slot machines and it is responsible for the symbols that appear on the reels. This chooses the numbers and symbols at random and there is no interference by any person. Hence, your luck should favour you while playing the game.

Here are some ways that will ensure that you save up some money until the end of the game.

#1-Separate Bank Accounts

Most professional players usually keep separate accounts for personal and household expenses and another one for their gambling needs. Once your accounts are separated, then you can spend money individually. Do not over spend the money that you have allotted to that particular game. Once that amount is over, you should stop playing the game altogether.

#2-Don’t Try Your Luck on Only One Slot Machine

Play several different machines. Do not get stuck playing only one slot machine. Always make sure that you play on several machines. You never know when you will hit a jackpot with the right one. Online slots generally offer a larger payout. Even in land-based casinos, you will not get that amount as compared to an online video slot. You should try and play on progressive jackpot slot machines as well.

#3-Follow Online Casino Requirements

At some websites, you needto play with maximum coins to win the jackpot. Make sure that you do so. For you to win the jackpot, you have to bet all the coins at the maximum value.

#4-Consult Professional Players

Consult professional players about the good websites offered online. Ask around and take an informed decision about the same.

#5-Play Demo Games

Play for free for some time and then switch to the ones with real money. You do not want to lose your money in online slots. Hence, it is advisable to first play online for free and then upgrade to a level where money is required. The online slot game will be exactly the same in both the platforms because of the Random Number Generator. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before playing the game, so that there are no surprises in the end.

Interesting Trivia About Online Casino Slot Games!


Gamblers enjoy playing slot games irrespective of whether they visit online or land-based casinos. These games are very easy to play and they give excellent returns for very small wagers. In fact, this is where their appeal lies. Games such as Tiki Island slot have fabulous animation and they give out lots of prizes; the game also has very good bonus feature games that can increase your wins.

Interesting TriviaIf you really love playing slot games, then you’ll want to read the following interesting and little-known facts about them.

  • Slot machines contribute almost two thirds of a casino website’s total revenues
  • The original slot machines were invented in 1887 by Charles Fey and these machines were installed in gas stations and other public places.
  • There are more than 150 software solutions providers in the gambling business today. Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech are the biggest names in the industry.
  • Classic three reel slot games are very much like the original slot games known as One Armed Bandits, with the difference that they are computerised and not mechanical. These games are the simplest slot games to play and they give out small but frequent wins.
  • Other categories of slot machines are fruit machines, and five reel video slots and progressive slots.
  • The latest slot games have superb animation and they feature a number of bonus features including free spins and reward multipliers.
  • Fruit machines are extremely popular in the UK where they are advertised as Amusement with Prizes games. These games are found in pubs all over the country.
  • The first online progressive jackpot, known as Cash Splash, was launched in 1998
  • There are different types of online progressive slots and while most of them are of the five reel variety, you’ll also find some of the three reel type. These games tend to have multiple pay-lines and most of them require you to activate all pay-lines in order to qualify for the jackpot.
  • Online progressive slots have very large jackpots because they consist of large numbers of slot games linked together. These jackpots climb at a very fast pace.
  • Online slots games offer far better odds than those at brick and mortar casinos.
  • Slot games these days have excellent themes, often taken from films, television shows, and comic books. They also have high quality animation and sound effects.
  • Slot games are programmed to have different payout percentages ranging from 85% to 99%.

Games such as Tiki Island slots can keep you entertained for a very long time. However, be sure that you choose the best possible casino to play slots on.

5 Secrets that Slot Players Should Know!


Slots machines are an unending source of enjoyment, and it shouldn’t be surprising at all that most gamblers make a bee-line for them at casinos. Games such as Tiki Island slot are a great deal of fun to play, and indeed, you can play them for long periods of time without getting bored, thanks to their high tech animation and great bonus feature games. If, however, you aren’t really doing very well on these games, then it’s time you know a few important things about these games.

5 Secrets

  • Slot machines are built to favour the casino. This means that any wins you get are unusual occurrences and you should be prepared to lose some money. Of course, you will win money now and then, but if you get carried away then you can get into serious trouble. Since all machines are not programmed in the same way with pay out percentages ranging from 80% to 97%, it is best to look around for slot machines that offer better returns so that you can play on them. The lower limit for player returns is fixed by the government but this still leaves a wide range for casinos to use.
  • Slot machine winning combinations are determined by inbuilt microchips which go on generating number combinations irrespective of whether the machine is being played or not. As a result, these are purely games of randomness and there is absolutely nothing you can do to make a win happen. Strategies involving trying to count the symbols on the screen will amount to nothing. Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to stick to a slot machine that hasn’t given a win in a while just because you feel that a win is long overdue and therefore has to happen.
  • Slot machines that accept smaller coins are more likely to pay out than machines that accept larger denominations. The wins will be in the small to medium range but they are wins nonetheless and you can quite easily accumulate a few of them during a session of playing slots. This is a good thing to remember if you have a very small budget for gambling because you might just win more money in the long run than more aggressive gamblers.
  • Progressive slots have immensely large jackpots but you have to wager a lot of money in order to qualify for them. As a matter of fact, it is these jackpots that get reported about in the media. You’ll need to check the terms of the game before you start playing because there might be a minimum wagering requirement that allows you to qualify for the big win.
  • Discipline goes a long way when you are gambling. Go to the casino with a fixed amount of money in hand and the determination to gamble only using that money. Your wins, if any, should be kept separately so that you do not fritter them away in your desire to win more money.

You’ll definitely enjoy playing Tiki Island and other slots a lot more if you keep a cool head when gambling and go with the intention of having fun.