New Levy System to be Introduced for the UK Bookies and its Effect on Tiki Island Slot


It came as a surprise to the UK betting operators when they heard the news of government planning to offer the coveted betting right to the horserace industry. Last Wednesday, it was revealed the Racing Post that the Tony government is going to declare its plan to substitute the Levy system with the new regime. According to this new regime, the entire online bookmakers and all the land-based ones are bound to handover a certain share of their revenue made from the UK race betting.

New Levy System

Expected Solution to the Levy System

As per the reports, Bob Blackman, Tory MP is expected to bring forth the question regarding the steps taken for annual levy system. Bob is all set to raise this issue in front of Minister for culture, media and sport. He wants to get an idea about the government’s promise to implement a permanent solution requiring all the land-based bookmakers to cut around 10.75% of their entire revenue of the UK race betting to the sport.

In addition to this, the concerned minister is expected to listen to the issue and respond to it with a promise to launch the secondary law. This legislation actually extends the kickback to the other race wagers whether they are placing a bet on an online site or a traditional betting store. This new law is in process and shall be in place by the next year in April.

The Current Levy Scheme

According to the existing levy scheme, it produces almost around 100 million pounds to racing per year. However, after the introduction of the new law, the same amount is expected to boost by 30 million pounds annually. Of course, the final implementation of the plan is only possible when it will acquire majority of votes in both the House of Lords and parliament. In fact, it will require the permit from the European Union and an assurance that the law does not involve any illegal state aid.

Authorised Betting Partner Scheme (ABP)

It is sure that the British Horseracing Authority is going to remain with the Authorized Betting Partner Scheme until the time new law is implemented. In addition, the ABP limits all the racing sponsorship companies that have agreed to provide a part of their online race betting revenue back to the sport.

Considering the present status of firms under the ABP scheme, BetFair, Bet365, 32Red and BetVictor are four of them that have been given the official status of ABP. Moreover, the popular four ABP holdouts including SkyBet, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral were deprived of the right promote on the TV subscription channel. The bookmakers were only allowed to advertise on the TV after signing up to the ABP partners.


It is true that the UK bookies have beheld the introduction of the latest 15 percent online point-of consumption tax. They have also witnessed the increase in the Machine Games Duty from 21 percent to 25 percent. This simply means that the UK bookies are constantly being introduced to newest tax laws and they all are bound to accept it.

Online Casinos and Gambling in the UK Have Come a Long Way With Casino Games Like Tiki Island Slot


Online Casinos and GamblingThe rich and famous past of the UK needs no recap, as the tradition, valour and culture of the country is something that everyone around has a good and in depth awareness. Perhaps a facet of the UK which is less known is the popularity of the casinos. Casinos in the UK have a chequered history too and the natives have always displayed a keen interest in casino games like poker and Tiki Island slot. The love for casinos is in fact continuing undiminished in the UK even now.

The Evolution of Casinos in the UK

The ardent interest of the people in casinos even made the authorities to wonder in the beginning of twentieth century if exclusive zones could be created for casinos. However such a hub was not formed thanks to the lobbying power of the casino owners and users. Today, casinos in the UK are flourishing with hundreds of popular casinos stamping their presence across the length and breadth of the country. Some of the leading casinos in the UK include Ritz club, Mint and Aspers. And though these casinos are of recent origin, in a very short span of time they have literally become a household name in the UK as they enjoy a very huge patronage from all sections of the populace. The present day casinos in the UK cater to the needs and sensibilities of the new generation in all aspects thereby winning a place in the hearts of the people of the UK.

Casinos in the UK Today

At a time when there is a widespread shift in allegiance of casino enthusiasts to the digital medium, the brick and mortar casinos have been formulating strategies to overcome the onslaught of the online casinos by offering amazing experience for the casino players. Aspers casino which was floated as recently as 2011, in Westfield, London boasts of huge carpet area which stretched to about 6,000 square meters. At Aspers, players have the luxury of opting for casino games from a selection of over 150 slot machines, dozens of roulette tables, exciting poker games lined-up in an exclusive poker room.

Europe’s Best Casino

Ritz club, in Piccadilly, London has earned the admiration of all casino players and is today considered to be one of the most prestigious places to play the casino games, not only in the UK, but in Europe. Ritz club allows players strictly on membership, which is as steep as 1200 Euros.  Casino enthusiasts touring London from all over the world crave to experience playing the casino game at Ritz club. Those travellers, who opt to stay at the expensive Ritz Hotel, are given the privilege of entering the Ritz club to play the casino games. Ritz club also has a strict dress code in place for both men and women, who wish to enter the club to enjoy the casino games.

Casinos for All!

While the UK casinos like the Ritz club and Fifty London casino may cater to the elite, numerous other casinos are available across the UK which is affordable to the commoners also.

Gambling Superstitions Often Associated With Leap Year


Gambling SuperstitionsMost of us tend to believe in luck despite ourselves. Even though we might not be of the likes of those who carry around charms in their pockets wherever they go. Sudden stroke of luck once in awhile does surprise us and often makes us think what we had done differently at that time so that we can follow it again and attract more luck.

Another one of these superstitions is surrounding days and the idea that one day is luckier than the other seems a bit difficult to understand for all those who are a bit sceptical about leap day. There is so much hoo-haa around the 29th of February and all of that is because the day happens only every four years so it naturally makes it more interesting and all kinds of superstitions have developed around it.

Most of them suggest that the day is a lucky day and so any activity that you undertake on this auspicious day will certainly bring you success. We know for sure that the person who proposed something such as this must have definitely been a very positive person. A very positive person and chances are that with the same spirit the believers even manage to turn their day around and make it a brilliant one. Owing to the rarity of this day however, there is a part of the world that believes that the opposite is true. For instance, in Scotland some people think it unlucky to get married on leap day and in some couples in Greece are so terrified of the day that they would not even think of planning a wedding for that day.

Not matter what you believe in, we say that if you are someone who has had the fortune of being born on this day, you have the opportunity to obtain exclusive membership to The Honour Society of Leap Year Day Babies.  For those who don’t know, this society boasts of more than 10,000 members of the 4 million Leap Year babies globally. Talking about betting on leap day or for that matter leap years it might interest you to note that US presidential elections are always held in a leap year. Even the Olympics is always in a leap year.

Although we are able to draw little connection between gambling and luck involved on a leap day, online gamblers are the kind to be just as superstitious as anyone else. Many gamblers find themselves a rabbit’s foot, four-leaf cover, lucky penny or horseshoe charm, all of which are considered alternative forces to help them win their game.

Another name for the leap year is an intercalary or bissextile year – the year that contains one additional day for all those who follow the Gregorian calendar. The fact that we have an extra 24 hours is great luck in itself. The odds of being born on a leap day are 1 in 1500 and when   you think about it, it is better that probability of winning a lottery.

Microgaming Achieves Guinness World Record for Largest Jackpot Win in a Slot Game! Was it for Tiki Island Slot?


Guinness World Record for Largest Jackpot WinFebruary 2016 already seems like a great month, setting forth a great start to the New Year for Microgaming. Not only do they have an IGA award and a Jurassic World slot deal, they have also won themselves a Guinness World Record to start this month with a high.

What have they received the award for you may ask? Microgaming’s record certificate is for setting the largest jackpot win from an online slot game back in October of 2015. You can even find the published pictures of the official certificates to honour the historic achievement that have been put up by the iGaming software developer.

The official presentation was conducted at the ICE Totally Gaming 2016 event. ICE Totally Gaming is an annual B2B event that brings together professionals and operators from the global igaming industry and is hugely popular. At the event a detailed account of how the world-record €17.8 million jackpot was won was given to all those in attendance at the Microgaming booth.

It was incredible to note that Jon Heywood, who is a Betway UK user, made it possible for himself to win the €17.8 million jackpot with a 25p spin. This is such a great victory it is almost unbelievable. Jon, who was present to receive his own certificate, was looking sharp, and was retelling his story of success to those in attendance. Jon also told us that he has spent a portion of the winnings on a new car and holidays along with purchasing a few other things for the well-being of his family.

Apart from this, Microgaming has also made the news for at the International Gaming Awards (IGA). It has won the crown of 2015 Innovator of the Year. It was even able to make its mark in a highly competitive category, distinguishing itself by developing a virtual reality (VR) roulette game.

Virtual and augmented reality gaming are being led by Microgaming. Before they created the VR roulette, Microgaming was putting in its effort by sports betting on Google Glass. Another key innovation came when Thunderstruck was released on smartwatches in 2014. However, the upsurge in VR usage indicates that this is the best area to focus on.

It has been two years have since Microgaming announced that it would release a groundbreaking video slot which will be based on Steven Spielberg’s iconic Jurassic Park film. Microgaming has also revealed a second exclusive deal to extend this franchise by launching a Jurassic World slot.

This is great news for a developer that has already made slots based on the Dark Knight and Game of Thrones, both of which have been selling well. Getting rights to 2015’s biggest summer blockbuster gives Microgaming a great start and an opportunity many others are still struggling to find. Watch out for Jurassic World at All Slots Casino, Jackpot City Casino, and Royal Vegas Casino later in 2016, especially if you are a dinosaur fan!

Experiencing the Latest Casino Game Like Tiki Island Slot, Habanero Releases Bombs Away Slot


Bombs Away SlotThe very popular casino game developer, Habanero has contributed with something unique to the casino world in 2016. It has introduced the newest Bombs Away slot machine. If you love slot games based on action and wars’ theme then this can be the best option for you. The Bombs Away slot is based on theme of the Second World War with those amazing graphic touches and soundtrack. The gameplay is full of bombs, fighter planes and tanks all around to make it the perfect war based game.

Features of Bombs Away Slot

The slot has 50 pay lines with three bonus games and penny denomination. Players can get the opportunity to hit the giant progressive jackpot by bringing into line five Bombs Away symbols on the first pay line. The jackpot can be seen on the top of the reels and the amount of it keeps on increasing with your bets until a player wins it all.  It is true that the slot is not just attractive in its looks but also has some impressive features.

Wild symbols are the most fascinating part of the game, as they appear on the screen very often and turn the other symbols into wild symbols. You can avail the opportunity to trigger the free spins mode by getting three or more than three scatter symbols. In the free spin mode, the bomber will get the power to fly all over the screen and generate the wilds randomly wherever the bombs are dropped. In this 50 fixed pay lines game, the combo of two wild generating features can get you a giant win.

Habanero Slots Online

If you wish to play Bombs Away Slot online then you can enjoy various available options, as many casinos offer the slot. However, you have to make sure that Habanero powers the casino, as this slot is available only in such Habanero powered casinos. It precisely includes casinos like Gala casino, Winner casino, 32Red casino and others. Besides these, you can simply browse through the internet to acquire more information of such casinos.

Recently, this slot has joined the latest Gold Rush slot that possesses almost over 50 slot machines along with video pokers and table games. In the month of February 2016, Habanero will be displayed at ICE Totally Gaming Conference to make a display of its finest titles in the collection. Thus, the provider will have the best place and opportunity to launch its newest Bombs Away slot in public.


Players must keep certain factors in mind before signing up at any casino. You must make sure that the casino is authentic and has a legal identity. It is always better to read the testimonials of different casinos to get a fair idea of it all and make your final decision of signing up at it. Since there are some casinos that claim to be the industry’s leading casino but only end up with wasting your money and time. Thus, be smart, hunt the right casino and enjoy Bombs Away slot.

Gamblers from Pennsylvania Have an Online Advantage with Casino Games Like Tiki Island Slot


Online gambling is the future of the casino. Now, people do not prefer to go to land-based casinos. Rather, they would like to just log in their computers and open a good online casino where they can play all the casino games like Tiki Island slot. You can also play some of these games for free as well by using the trial period offered by several casinos. Isn’t that advantageous for someone who does not know how to play these games professionally? Last year we saw the shift from land-based casinos to online gambling and betting. In 2016, we are seeing more and more countries legalising online gambling.

Online Advantage with Casino GamesGamblers from Pennsylvania are lucky to play games such as slots, blackjack, poker and more in online casinos now. The bill was constantly being pushed aside again and again by the state will now be heard this spring by the concerned authority. The bill is about the enhancements with respect to online gambling in the region. John Payne who heads the House Gaming Oversight Committee thinks that most of the measures will be accepted by the committee and should be finally given a heads up by July.

Payne says that the government needs more revenue and the bill is a good way to go about it. The component of gaming can be helpful in this regard. Well, Payne is not the only one thinking in this direction. Only recently, the government in Greece has also taken similar actions in terms of approaching more online casinos so that the state can earn more revenue.

Payne finds voice in John Pappas who is the executive director at Poker Players Alliance. Pappas also believes in the fact that Pennsylvania is a good place to start with your online gaming activities and people will respond equally well to the institution.

The marketing director for 888poker and 888casino Chris Capra also says that Pennsylvania is a good market for such an activity. He further states that there is a huge untapped market there and the market is getting bigger with each day. He also adds that as of now only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware offers online gambling. He is also of the opinion that once this opens up in the state then the scope of shared players will pool up. This will reflect in progressive jackpots where the amount is gradually increased with every player putting in something.

In similar news, a casino by MGM Resorts’ National Harbour is supposed to open soon. The casino in Washington DC will be filled with amazing casino games and will prove to be a thrilling experience. Payne also adds that lawmakers in New Jersey will ask the voters if two casinos should be opened in the northern part of New Jersey. This would add more competition in the market. He also shares that Pennsylvania provides for a lot of revenue when it comes to online gambling. There is a huge market there and more can be generated. Hence, he is keen to explore the opportunity to its fullest.

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Spin Sorceress Slot – The Newest Launch by NextGen Gaming


NextGen Gaming has always brought something unique for its players. Recently, it has come up with a slot machine called Spin Sorceress. This slot machine is known to clearly have a fantasy influence and has attracted many players around the world right after is launch. The machine has magic crystals and women that have the power to cast spells after the player spins all the five reels.Spin Sorceress Slot

The best part is that you can enjoy making different combinations in the game, as there are 243 ways to win it. Thus, you can expect to get lot many prizes once you have started playing it. In addition to this, the game also offers an opportunity to upgrade the prize value with the help of huge multipliers and wild symbols. However, you will have to put in more money in order to avail such benefits of the game.

The Features of Spin Sorceress

The features of the game are just endless. To start with, players can easily increase the multiplier of the wild symbol through wild reels, super bets, scatter symbols and wild symbols. The wild symbols have a greater role to play in this game, as they have the ability to substitute to all the other symbols. They also apply the highest multipliers to the wins until the player uses the right bet. You can avail the option of super bet, which provides the chance to increase the wild multiplier’s value.

Since there are four different settings of super bet, you can do that accordingly. For instance, the lowest one offers wilds with 2x to 5x while the highest one is at 20x to 50x. Free spins is another main feature of the game, which is triggered after you get the right symbols in sufficient number on the reels. You can win almost around 10 free spins and increase your chances of being paid. Not to forget, the design of the game is simply marvelous. It is much different from the usual ones and looks captivating. It represents the fantasy genre and offers a great sound and graphic quality.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking whether you should try this game or not then you must do it at least once. Yes, it is worth trying. Some players may not like its concept of ways to win in place of pay lines, which are offered in other slots. The prizes may seem to you a bit lower but remember, you can improve the amount with the help of wild symbols. You can opt for super bet option if you wish to increase the multiplier of the wild.

However, using that option will turn the game into a regular slot machine. The most fascinating part is that you have more than 200 ways to create the winning combinations, which means that you have more opportunities to win. Thus, you must visit your nearest casino or sign up online to try your hands at Spin Sorceress. It is sure that you will make the best winning combinations.

Tropicana Casino – The Newest Casino in Town


Tropicana Atlantic City has recently come up with its online gaming site called Tropicana Casino. in a very short span, the site has captivated the attention of hundreds of players across the world. The New Jersey Department of Gaming approved the site in the initial phase only and it received its Internet Gaming Permit in the year 2013. It operates on the Gamesys Group’s casino platform and is a part of Virgin Group. Since the time site has launched, it has seen huge profits and great feedback from the punters.Tropicana Casino

About the Casino Software

The site offers a slick browser-based interface by teaming up with Virgin Group. To run this site, what all you need to have is MAC or PC browsers. Make sure you have a geo-location plug-in installed in your system in order to run the site. Not only this, you can even enjoy the site on your smartphone, as it offers both Apple and Android apps. The site’s computer software is easy to access, neat, nicely designed and is very popular among the players. No doubt, it is super stable. Thus, you will not have to face any kind of troubles while running this website.

Bonus Code and Promotional Offers

If you are new to Tropicana casino then you can expect to receive $100 cash back over your losses during the initial days of signing up. For this, you will have to make use of the bonus code, TROPMONEY. Thus, even if you have lost the bet of $100, you will get it all back after the end of the first week. The casino offers various others promotions also including refer a friend, where you can get $50 by referring one of your friends to the casino. Further, you can enjoy playing community jackpot where you can take a chance at the prize money when any other player hits the jackpot. You can also earn instant cash back after making your first deposit over $10. You can also enter into the promo code for up to $20 in the bonus money. In fact, players have the liberty to redeem trop point for bonus money.

A Variety of Games Available

Tropicana casino offers a wide array of games to all its punters. The games includes video slots like Double Diamond, Gold Fish, Kitty Glitter, Super Monopoly Monkey, Raging Rhino, Star Trek, CatsShadow of the Panther just to name a few. The site also has different versions of video poker including double bonus, bonus, double double bonus and jacks or better. Players can also try their hands at five different variations of blackjack i.e. Vegas downtown, Vegas strip, multi-hand, single deck and Atlantic City. Table games like Pai Gow and Baccarat can also be played at Tropicana casino. It also offers roulette and 90 ball-bingo games.

With this, the casino offers the most secure banking options to the players and offers excellent customer support service throughout the day. If you have not tried the newest slots yet on this site then it is the time to do it now.

ComeOn Casino Raises its ‘Game’ With Genesis Games Tie-Up


ComeOn Casino, already a well-established player in the United Kingdom and Scandinavian markets, is seeking to boost its customer base with a partnership with renowned gambling software company Genesis Gaming which distributes its popular games through its Relax Gaming platform.  The casino has already featured three exciting titles, Mystic Monkeys, Dinosaur Adventure, and Dragons Rock as a result of this partnership. The tie up is a major step for the Malta-licensed operator ComeOn as well as Genesis Gaming since both seek to build upon the partner’s strengths to build their business.ComeOn Casino

ComeOn To Feature Hundreds Of New Games

The online casino seeks to increase its market share by offering a wider range of games than it already does. The strategic partnership with Genesis Gaming will enable it to offer much of the software developer’s catalogue which has more tie-up than 150 titles so far. In operation since 2008, it has a very good reputation in the industry on account of its attractive promotions, selection of games, and also fair business practices.

The tie up with Genesis is very important  for ComeOn because this software developer has been one of the early leaders in the mobile gaming segment and it makes games that are optimized for tablets and smart phones and therefore operate very smoothly on these and other platforms.  This is a very rapidly growing segment and one that ComeOn has been particularly focused on. The new games will be available in Flash and HTML5.

ComeOn Casino seems to have very aggressive plans for the new year and it has already launched a number of tempting bonuses and promotions for 2016, targeted towards bringing in new customers and also retaining existing ones. The new games will be rolled out in batches over the next few months and will give customers of the casino plenty of exciting things to look forward to.

Genesis To Benefit From Wider Reach

The leadership at Genesis Software is very upbeat about the tie-up with ComeOn Casino since this will help it take its games to a very large audience in the United Kingdom and especially in Scandinavian countries where it is immensely popular. In fact, it intends to invest more into this relationship because of the many advantages it offers.  Genesis has been a part of the gambling industry for a very long time now and it has built a very loyal customer base for its well-made and exciting games which are available at big online casinos such as Unibet and Betsson. This software developer has been behind some of the most popular slot games in play these days such Deep Sea Diver, Path of the Wizard, Temple of Luxor and Clash of Queens, just to name a few. These and other games from the developer stand out on account of their superb graphics and multiple winning combinations.

It is clear to see that 2016 will be another good year for both these companies, and also for online gamblers who now have much more excitement to look forward to.

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Sports and Gambling Work Hand in Hand


It can be argued that gambling and sports have a relationship since time immemorial. There is a relationship between the two, and one cannot live without the other. Professional tennis is often associated with match-fixing and parties who have vested interest in the game. Professional tennis player commented during the Australian Open that it is quite strange to note that betting companies are coming on board to sponsor the tournament. Sports gambling giant William Hill was taken on board as the official advertising sponsors for the entire tournament: Australian Open. It is indeed strange to note that the fact that players cannot be sponsored by such betting companies, but the entire tournament can be.Sports and Gambling

This proves the point that gambling has always been mired with betting. Before online casinos came into existence, we had the casinos, and before all of that; we had the bookies. The rising problem is not about the fact that people are indulging in betting during the game. The problem is about the stakes of it. It is soaring leaps and bounds and there is absolutely no way to monitor or control that. The stakes soared gigantically from $41.4 billion to $7.4 billion during 2003. It is because of these statistics that fixing a game seems a possible solution. Moreover, it is even tempting to fix a game that has such high stakes than to lose it.

Tennis star Novak Djokovic also mentioned that he was offered $200,000 to lose a match. He was in a position to laugh at the matter and walk away from it. But, think about someone who is not as successful as him, would another player accept the given amount? You never know, and there is no way to find out. But one thing is certain that, some amounts are huge and many players succumb to the offer.

It sounds surprising but many leagues instantly accept offers from major gambling companies as their sponsors or partners. But when some player is accused of fixing the match, then all of them act surprised as if this piece was news is fresh and hot.

Another aspect to the partnership is the commercials you will see on TV during their matches. For example, Bet365, the online gambling website had a tie-up with CFL a couple of years back. During all of it NFL’s games, people were bombarded with advertisements about sports betting websites such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

Every sport is mired with controversies where players have been approached to fix a match, or they have fixing it behind closed doors. These reports flourish in the newspaper and it is no surprise that most of it is true.

Another report published in London’s Daily Telegraph pointed out that according to the European Sports Security Association, more than 18 big sports-betting companies have indulged in suspicious patterns of betting. And this happened only in the beginning of 2015. It is interesting to note that tennis topped the charts. Furthermore, 12 other sports were also included in the list.