Unibet Casino Plays Host to the Great Cashby Slot


Genesis Gaming, the popular software provider for casino games has now come up with an interesting version of slot game, named Cashby slots. As you had guessed, Cashby slot draws its inspiration from the Great Gatsby. The highly rated novel of the same name by Scott Fitzgerald was earlier made as a movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio. The movie which was shot in the 1920s settings is now being recreated with equal fanfare as a slot game. Thus as the Cashby slot is played, users would enjoy the feel of unraveling a story, full of interesting personalities.

On your hand-held devices

Genesis Gaming has designed the Cashby slot friendly to the smartphones and tablets in order to enable the new generation users of smartphones to easily play the game from their smartphones, wherever they are from. Genesis Gaming has tied-up with Unibet casino to let the players easily access the game conveniently either using HTML or flash options. Thus all that the fans of Great Gatsby are required to do to have an encore is to register with Unibet casino and immediately be eligible to play the Great Cashby slot from anywhere and anytime.

Great Cashby features

Genesis Gaming has created Great Cashby slot as a wonderful treat to the fans of the 1920’s, replete with characters portraying the feel of the period in the backdrop of artfully decorated settings including the lining-up of cocktails. Great Cashby has been designed as a 5 reel slot with a maximum paylines of 25. Salient feature of the slot is the presence of a concealed barroom. Once the barroom is revealed, different cocktails are lined-up before the players who are required to correctly match them and gain the bonuses, offered. When players match as many as three cocktails they immediately become eligible for earnings equivalent to 48x multiplier.

Bonus game

Bonus games are the most sought after by casino fans not just because these games are free games but due to the fact that earnings from these bonus games are always more attractive. And at Great Cashby, the featured bonus games are designed with five levels and as always as the players go up to higher levels, they get to enjoy the benefits of cascading effects and reap bigger rewards. Head of Global Design of Genesis Gaming- Scott Sims, while launching the latest slot game has further pointed out to the prospective players that the scope of winning big money is enhanced due to the great number of wild symbols provided.

Music to the ears

The news of launch of Great Cashby slot by Genesis Gaming along with the info about the new slot game obviously has created high expectations and excitement among the casino players. And now as the game could be played without encountering any difficulty, just by using one’s smartphone or the tablet or of course the desktop, players could sign-in at the casinos operated by Genesis Gaming and feel the difference.

Dunder – A Fabulous New Casino for UK Online Gamblers


New online casinos get launched all the time, and the latest one made available this month is Dunder Casino. From the highly experienced Swedish team that launched the extremely popular Casumo Casino, Dunder has all that it takes to keep customers happy thanks to the wide range of attractive features that it has.

The first thing you will notice about Dunder Casino is that it has a very stylish yet simple interface with high quality graphics. A quick glance will let you know what games are available and where you can find them; you’ll therefore be able to get down to the gaming without any delay. According to Olof Örn, one of the founders of the casino, the objective has been to let customers play without any hassles and enable them to have the maximum possible fun. The casino has a unique feature known as game selector which makes it very easy to explore the site since there are hundreds of games available here. Players can choose games based upon their categories, themes or even the company that developed them.

Customers like having a great many games to choose from, and Dunder casino exceeds all expectations in this respect. The site has more than 1000 exciting games, and this means that even the choosiest players will find ones that they can enjoy. In fact, players who sign up on this site are unlikely to need any other site thanks to the excellent selection of games available here from developers such as Play’N Go, Net Entertainment, Microgaming, and Betsoft.
Most players also choose casinos based upon the bonuses and promotions they offer; Dunder Casino does not disappoint on this aspect as well. Its deposit bonus of 200% is extremely generous and allows you to play plenty of games for free. Furthermore, the site also offers 20 free spins right at the outset so that you can check out all that it offers before committing to it!

If you are a frequent player on online casinos then you’ve probably realized how important customer support is. You’ll be happy to know that Dunder Casino offers excellent customer support and that all of your queries and problems will be addressed very quickly so that you can get back to playing your favourite games. The casino also enables you to do money transactions very quickly and easily. You can transfer money into your playing account and withdraw it as well without any inconvenience. The site also accepts payments from many different financial service providers and this is very good news for customers since they wont have to go out of their way to feed their account or withdraw from it. It goes without saying that these transactions will be governed by the terms and conditions of the site (as well as the service provider), but you’ll find them to be very reasonable indeed.

All in all, Dunder Casino is an extremely promising looking gambling site, and one that novices and experienced players alike will enjoy.

Experience the Excitement and Fun of Slot Games Online


Playing the slot games online does not require any reasons, as it is full of it. Just from the comforts and luxuries of the home, a player can bet thousands and earn millions. No money is wasted in travelling all across to the casino and then spending dollars on parking and meals. All you need to do is to sign up at an authentic website and start playing your favorite slots.

Fixed and Progressive Payouts

While browsing through the slot games online, you will come across fixed payouts and progressive payouts. The major difference between both is that fixed payout offers the same fixed amount while the amount in progressive one keeps on increasing. A progressive payout continues to grow until the time you reach a particular amount. Thus, progressive payouts offer a great opportunity to win a million dollar every time when you play them. You can acquire the complete knowledge about fixed and progressive payouts from the casino itself where you have signed up.

Multiplayer Slot Playing

The most fascinating part of online casinos is that many of them offer multiplayer slot playing. However, players must keep in mind certain factors before playing multiplayer slots. Many casinos make it mandatory for the players to wager the maximum bet. It is true that wagering the highest bet will improve your chances of winning but if you cannot afford it then it is better to quit. In addition to this, the slots can be played right from the comforts of the home without traveling to any land-based casino. In fact, you can sign up at the website that offers first deposit match bonuses to the players. Further, you must be aware of the rules of casino, as they may differ from one casino to another.

Free Online Slots

The online casino gaming world offers a chance to the players to enjoy the free online slots. Yes, you can now try your most preferred slots without paying anything from your pocket. The major benefit of playing free slots is that they give you a fair idea of the game. After trying and gaining expertise in a game in free mode, you can then play it for real cash. You can get hold of a variety of slots like Alice Wonderland, Amazon Queen, Zeus, Jackpot Party, Dracula slot, Double Bubble and many more. Out of all these, players prefer playing Tiki Island slot, which is a 5-reel game with 20 pay lines. The tiki nuts bonus and puffer fish bonus symbols act as a major attraction of the game. Not to forget, all these slots offer a great opportunity to win the highest jackpot when played for real cash.

Therefore, every player has his/her own idea of playing slots. Some look out for winning the progressive jackpots and being a millionaire while some sign up for just entertainment purposes. Whatever may be the purpose, the world of online gaming is going to fill you with thrill and excitement.

How to Make Money by Playing Free Online Slots


When it comes to playing online slots, one of the most difficult choices to make is to choose which slot machine to choose. With the Internet, it has become very easy for anyone to play slots. And the best part about virtual casinos is that they offer free slots as well. This essentially means that you play for free, hone your skills and then play with real money. This is an advantage that makes online slots special because in a casino you will not get a chance to play for free.

There are some slot games that offer you attractive first-time deposit bonus such as Tiki Island video slot. But, playing slots is not a cakewalk. There are some guidelines involved that need to be followed. Some people play the game for fun, but some have a real passion for it. They continue it on a regular basis and become professional gamblers over a period of time. They know certain rules and guidelines, which they follow every time. Some of them are.

Choosing the best website to play slots is a tough choice. You need to do a little bit of research before you pick out the website you want to play on. This might look tedious but is something you will have to do. Do a basic google search on the website you intend to play on. Then, you can ask some of your friends who are already in the field about these games. Furthermore, you can take suggestions from them. You then figure out whether the slot machine is reliable and credible or not.

You should utilise all the benefits the online slot website is giving you. For example, Tiki Island video slot offers a 400 per cent first-time deposit bonus. You can make use of that and play as much slots as possible. Over a period of time, you will also get bonus rounds and free spins, and several promotions to keep you going. Join the VIP section and get special treatment and make the most of the experience. Some of the websites also conduct slot tournaments; you can register for them and play. They have massive jackpots.

Practice on the free slot machine. It is difficult for an amateur to judge the behaviour of a slot machine. It comes with experience of playing the game over a period of time. Hence, if you have the opportunity to play them for free, utilise it. Make as many mistakes as possible in the free version rather than in the one where your money is at stake.

Manage your time and money efficiently. This point cannot be stressed enough. Allot a certain number of hours every day for playing slots. Stick to what you have decided and do not cheat. Then, you can have separate accounts for casino money and home expenses. Keep them separate and do not mingle them. If you do so, then you might face issues in the long run.

How to Make the Most of Online Slot Games?


Playing on online slots is a lot of fun. From choosing the theme to the coin size and then the thrill of playing the entire game is a wonderful experience. You can just sit in your couch with some good food and play online slots. If you know some of the tricks, you can even earn some extra bucks as well. This sounds so much fun! But before you can actually make the money, it is essential for you to understand some basic rules and tricks of the game. Without them, it is impossible for you to win big in the game.

Here are some tips that will be helpful to you.

#1-Choose the machine that gives a good payout

You will have to make the conscious effort to choose the machine that offers a great payout. You might have great luck with the slot machine, but to increase the amount that you are winning, it is crucial to make sure that you choose a slot machine that gives to amazing bonus and promotions as well. It is everyone’s aim to win big on the slot games. Nobody wants to lose and go away. Playing on a machine that promises a bigger payout will eventually guarantee that you win quite as much in the long run. Also, when you are making the choice of choosing the slot game, choose the one with three reels instead of the one with five or more. Less reels would mean that you have more chances of winning. The reason being the symbols will align on only three reels as opposed to more than that. When you play with a slot machine with 3 reels and do not win much. You can easily make a shift to a slot machine that offers more than three reels. Some slot machines have 9 reels as well. you can try your luck there as well.

#2-Avail the bonus and promotions

When you register on a website, you are awarded a first-time deposit bonus. Tiki Island video slot game offers amazing first-time deposit bonus. It will be useful for you to utilise that amount. When you start playing, you will also encounter several exciting bonuses and promotions. You might want to utilise them all when you have the chance.

#3-Play on maximum bet

The whole point of playing online slots is definitely to have fun. But along with having fun you do not want to lose money. On the contrary, you will have more fun if you win along the game. Hence, when you select the number of coins and their size, it is advisable for you to choose them at the maximum value. In some websites, such as Tiki Island video slot, you are entitled to win the jackpot only when you hit the maximum number of coins. These jackpots give out millions of dollars and once you win it, there is nothing like it. You can also try your luck at the progressive jackpot.

Follow These Rules of Playing Online Slot Games


The casinos have numerous numbers of games that you can choose from. From blackjack and poker to roulette and slot games, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. If you are a poker fan, then its vast varieties may interest you. But as compared to all the other casino games, slots is considered to be the most popular. Many people wonder why. But, honestly, there are many reasons why some people are hooked to the game. The biggest reason is that it offers several bonus rounds and promotions that give the chance to the players to earn more. Also, it also offers jackpots, hence you get a chance to win millions and take that back home. Tiki Island video slot offers great jackpot offers.

Slots are also easier to learn and pick-up as compared to other slot games. Though there is no prior experience required for playing slots, there are certain guidelines that you should be aware of. It is important to know these rules to play a game that is advantageous to you.

Here are the rules for online slots.

Decide the bet amount

Like in the traditional slot games, you had to insert coins and then place your bet. In the video slot games, you have to first determine the size of the coin. This means choosing the value of the coin. Then, you have to determine the number of coins to want to bet. After you make this decision, you press the spin button. If you are playing for free, then you do not have to worry about money. But if you are playing money, then that particular amount will be deducted from your account.

Use the first-time deposit bonus

When you play online slots, it is important to register first. Tiki Island video slot offers a great first-time deposit bonus. Hence, make sure to utilise it efficiently.

Utilise bonuses and promotions

It is important that you utilise all the promotions and bonus offers that come your way. Several websites have them on a weekly, daily or a monthly basis.

Money management

This point cannot be stretched enough. You have to make separate accounts for household expenses and gambling expenses. People might get addicted to these and splurge all their money on online games. Make sure that you spend wisely. Stop playing if you are continuously losing. Take a break and then start afresh on another day. Do not take out money from your household expenses to play online. This might prove counter-productive. You might get the chance to play at that time, but after a point, you will be in debt if you do not recover the money you took out.

Take help if needed

If you have a doubt or you are stuck somewhere, it is best to ask. Contact the customer care service operator and clear out your doubts. You can also visit the FAQ section as many usual questions are answered there as well.

The Huge Wins of Various Leicester City Fans


Have you ever thought of making thousands of pounds with just 60p? If not then read this amazing piece of article. According to media reports, a self-employed DJ, Nathaniel Whessell won 3,000 pounds by placing a bet of just 60p. This 20-year old man remarked that he is not actually a fan of Leicester but he made a decision to gamble on it when he had just a few pennies left in his William Hill account.

The Huge WinsIn the Words of Nathaniel

Nathaniel mentioned in an interview that he is big fan of Brighton not Leicester. Whenever he wishes to place a bet, he does that on Brighton. However, with the odds of 16-1, he did not find the bet to be worth placing at Brighton. In fact, the player was not at all interested to put even 60p on anything but he did that just for a laugh. In addition to this, it is true that bookmakers are today offering an opportunity to the gamblers to cash out the bet early for a reduced sum. At present, Nathaniel is holding around last three games i.e. against Chelsea, Manchester United and Everton.

The Huge Win of Keval Nakeshree

Keval is one of those other players who have recently won 5,000 pounds just by placing a bet of 5 pounds. He remarked that last year, Leicester was bottom at the bottom of the league. Keval decided to place the bet when number of people remarked that Leicester was going down. This thing inspired him to place the bet and he did that.

In addition to this, Keval is a big fan of Leicester, as he was born in that city. He has always kept a note of the likes of Muzzy Izzet and Emile Heskey at the club’s old Filbert Street ground. Keval had no plans to cash out the bet early. However, after he saw the outbreak of gamblers, he decided to do that.

Other Wins

Another player, John Pryke cashed out his bet at 20 pounds and took home around 29,000 pounds. In the words of Pryke, the game was being ruined and he just wanted to enjoy the game by witnessing the victory of Leicester in the premiership. He was not much sure about the result when the bet was placed. Earlier, the player has planned to buy a bungalow but he has now ended up with revamping his existing house.

He further remarked that it’s actually been a very craze season and the wise decision would be to just take the money and run. On the other hand, another Leicester fan cashed out his ticket and made a win of 29,788 pounds. This player did not want to be named and made a regular visit to the shop to know about the cash out value of the bet. Further, Ladbrokes still have 23 gamblers who are resisting cashing out early.

Therefore, it is clear that Leicester has proved to be very profitable for number of players around and outside the city.

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The Wild Chase Video Slot Review


There are 25 pay lines in this video slot that is called The Wild Chase. Fun and very fast moving, this video slot promises to be a thrilling experience with its one of its kind theme and functions. You decide the size of the coin and the value of it. Moving on, you also decide the number of pay lines you want to activate in the process. The minimum bet you can place is $1, and the maximum is $ 100. The spin button is situated on the right side of the screen, and you have to press it to start the game. One of the best aspects about the game is the fact that it is designed very effectively.

Wild Chase Video SlotThe developers have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into deciding the various aspects of the game. How it should look and where should the symbols be placed and more, are key factors to deciding when it comes to the appeal of the website. The interface is also amazing and never hangs. Furthermore, you can play the video slot online as well as download it on your computer. It is advisable to play it online. The slot is not complicated and very easy to understand. Even the website is not scattered, but rather very sober and easy to navigate. The video slot has come interesting and special features which you should know about:

Special Features

There are certain features in the game that make it its strength. One of the options is of re-spin. If you have a winning combo, then the option of re-spin will automatically appear on the screen. This gives you another chance to make a winning combination, and to earn more rewards in the long run. If you make another winning combination in the re-spin, then it will garner you more points. There is another option of free spins that is also very rewarding. The wild symbol is also essential in the game. A wild symbol can multiply your reward manifold.

Maximum Payouts

Judging by the multipliers and the symbols, one should not expect a large payout. You can indulge in the game and figure it out yourself. Giving it a try will do you no harm. Furthermore, their customer care service is really good. You will not be disappointed by the way they deal with your problems and queries. In terms of transactions, the route is very smooth and clear. There will not be any kind of hassle and worry that you will have to face. Overall, it can be concluded that the video slot has a lot of pros and some cons, but it should not stop you from trying it out. Maybe you get lucky and strike a jackpot. After all, when it comes to gambling, it is a lot of luck at play. So, what are you waiting for? Log in to the website and start playing this amazing and cool video slot.

Match Fixing Scandals Cast a Shadow Upon Online Gambling


Online gambling and sports betting is a very popular business all over the world but the recent match fixing scandals that have hit the sport of cricket have dented this business pretty badly as well. The huge amounts of money that cricket has been able to attract has no doubt brought about a number of problems. The cash filled Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 tournament is case in point.

Match Fixing Scandals

Asad Rauf, a well-known cricket umpire from Pakistan was banned for five years by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), India’s premier cricket regulatory body on account of being involved with an illegal betting ring. He, and many players and teams, were investigated for providing crucial inside information about matches to a betting circle in return for payments. This was a huge scandal that brought the IPL into disrepute and many cricketers were also caught in it, three of them also losing their careers in the process.

The overall governing body of cricket, The International Cricket Council also recently announced that it was able to identify another plot to fix matches and nip it in the bud. Sir Ronnie Flanagan, a retired police officer who heads the anti corruption unit of the ICC, said that all the main people associated with the match fixing plot had been identified. However, he declined to provide details about the athletes involved or even the country they played for even though he indicated that the team in question was an international one. Flanagan also said that investigations were still going on to find out more details about the case.

Sports organisations and sporting regulatory bodies all over the world, and not just for the sport of cricket, are very concerned about the spread of corruption in their field. Match fixing has become a very common activity that has risen in popularity along with the rise of illegal sports betting. The biggest worry about match fixing is that it corrupts the standards of the game while also bringing it into disrepute. Regulators rightly believe that fans will lose interest in the game if they are aware of the fact that athletes stoop to fixing the results instead of working hard to actually win matches.  Therefore the ICC invests a lot of time and money in monitoring the sport of cricket so that any irregularities in it can be brought under control.

Online sports gambling continues to be a very popular activity all over the world since gambling sites can be accessed from any location with a great deal of ease. There are many high quality sites managed by established bookmakers and these sites are able to offer a very exciting and reliable betting experience. However, there are many illegally run sites that cater to the high demand for sports betting emanating from countries where it is banned, China and the United States are case in point. These sites are poorly managed and they might also be run for the purpose of cheating customers.

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Online Casinos Shutting Down


Online Casinos Shutting Down

The internet based casino industry is no doubt very lucrative but there is also cutthroat competition to deal with since there are a large number of players jostling for space in it. While these businesses do not have large payroll costs they still have to pay licence fees for the software they use in addition to paying for hosting a website and marketing it. Furthermore, online casinos tend to give very attractive bonuses in order to attract and retain customers. Therefore, it is easy to see that the initial period can be quite costly for the operators.

Not every gambling operator is able to stay in business long enough to make money, and it is only natural that a few of them drop out of the race now and then. The latest online casinos to shut shop are Lucky Balls, Duel 5, and Casino Broceliande, three sites that have offered quite a good range of the latest and classic titles games to slot machine enthusiasts. These casinos have been in business quite a while and each of them has built up a solid customer base, but the economics of the business must simply not have been in their favour. However, the nature of the business is such that new operators step in to fill the place left by them, and customers will always have a wide range of online casinos to choose from.

The three sites that have bid adieu to the business this month have all been quite popular, but this has evidently not been enough to sustain their operations. These gambling sites are all operated by Gantor Ltd, a company which is based out of Malta. Gantor is a well-established company that has all the necessary licenses and registrations in Malta and it operates a few other popular gambling sites as well.

While Lucky Balls and Duel 5 focused on players from the United Kingdom, Casino Broceliande is a French-language site that caters predominantly to Canadians. All three sites will be having a planned exist from the gambling business which means that they have given their customers ample time to pull their money out of their betting accounts. Players should be very careful about the timing of their bets since they might have trouble in case they place bets that expire after the sites shut down. The sites have also increased the customer support available so that they can answer all questions concerning money matters quickly and enable people to cash out as painlessly as possible. After all, the company has its reputation to think about, and many of its customers also play on other sites operated by it.

The shutting down of a few sites certainly does not spell doom for the internet based gambling industry since this is a fairly common experience. After all, when some sites close down they only make way for new ones, especially ones that have a new concept or interesting offer. The churn in the industry is always good news for players because it gives them something to look forward to.

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