Millionaires Island Slot Launched By PokerStars Casino


PokerStars is the leading poke site in the casino industry today. It has built a strong reputation with its safe and secure banking methods, 24/7 customer support service, user-friendly interface and an endless variety of games. In fact, it offers a chance to play poker for free and then try it for real money after gaining the expertise of the game.

In addition to this, the site also conducts the finest online poker events to help players exhibit their playing skills and compete with international competitors. The unique part is that it is the only site that players can play against Team PokerStars Pro. Yes, you can challenge the team of pro players of the site and win huge rewards.

Millionaires Island Slot

PokerStars has recently hit the news by releasing its latest slot called the Millionaires Island Slot. It is a five reel slot with 25 pay lines, giving enough chances to make giant wins. This slot is available to only the players who are a member of PokerStars casino. The best feature of the game is that you can place a bet of as little as $0.50, which means that the slot is the best deal for the ones who are not interested to wager higher amounts.

With this, the slot also features the progressive jackpot that goes as higher as up to $1 million. Thus, the high rollers can place the higher bets in order to make place in the progressive jackpot. The jackpot size will keep on rising up with the spinning of the wheels each time. Besides this, you also have an opportunity to win through various bonus features and other fixed payouts.

In the Words of Sam Hobcraft

Sam Hobcraft, the Director of PokerStars Casino mentioned in an interview that the casino is highly honored to introduce Millionaires Island slot, which is one of its kinds. He revealed that it is the first exclusive game developed by casino and is going to help in expanding the gaming portfolio of the casino. This in-house developed game has increased the reputation of the casino in the respective industry and is sure to bring in more popularity.

Sam made it clear that the objective of the casino is to become the highly preferred eGaming destination for more and more players across the globe. The casino has already reached to the position of being the player’s favorite but it is aimed to get even more fame with its unique gaming products.

According to the company statement, this exclusive slot game that features biggest independent minimum jackpot is going to provide PokerStars an edge over other competitors in the casino industry. It will support the casino in becoming the largest and the most popular casino in the world. It clearly shows that the casino has high hopes with this new in-house development.

The Bottom Line

Millionaires Island Slot is surely an engaging slot, which will keep your interest intact for a longer period of time. The game can be accessed in the areas of Europe, UK and the places where the casino is available. Players can use the mobile app of the casino and can be easily downloaded to the desktop, which means that it offers a complete convenience to the players to enjoy the games within their comfort.

Not to forget, the technical staff of the casino is always available for the players to solve their queries regarding the functioning of the game or the website. The team is available round-the-clock to offer the seamless casino gaming experience to all its players. Thus, sign up at PokerStars casino and enjoy Millionaires Island Slot now!

Jade Magician Slot – A Thrilling and Engaging Slot by Play’n GO


Since its inception in the year 1997, Play’n GO has been rendering the most exclusive titles of casino games to its players across the globe. The company holds the license to offer its services in Belgium, Alderney, UK, Denmark, Malta and Gibraltar.

With its core technology called, ‘Maven’, the company has been successful its offering its gaming products to the people. The company already has a strong portfolio of games including Wild North, Royal Masquerade, Tower Quest and others. However, it has recently made news by releasing the newest slot game called Jade Magician slot.

About Jade Magician Slot

It is a 5 reel video slot game with an Oriental theme. The entire slot has a very spooky and enthralling background that suits the main character of the game, Jade Magician. In addition to this, the slot also has some of the most interesting features including the Second chance feature, scatter symbols, wild symbols and free spins.

Jade Magician acts as the scatter symbol in the game while the other symbols include a hawk, crescent moon, a white tiger, dragon and an x2 multiplier. Note that, the scatter symbol has a big role in fetching you free spins and increasing the sum of jackpot. Once you have landed on this game, you will be able to acquire entire knowledge about the symbols and their payouts.

About Jade Magician Slot Gameplay

Jade Magician slot has a clean user-interface, which means that you will not face any issues in playing. It has an amazing quality of graphics that can captivate the player’s attention right away while the outstanding sound track is just well-suited to the entire theme of the slot. In addition to this, players must know that a maximum of only 15 lines can be enabled in the base game and they can place a bet of up to five coins per line.

As far as the role of wild symbol is concerned, it will appear only on the third reel. The best part is that your prize will be doubled if the winning combination created by you involves a wild symbol. On the other hand, you can see scatter symbols on 1, 3 and 5 reels of the game. These scatters can help you in triggering the special features of the slot.

The Second Chance Feature in Jade Magician Slot

You can trigger the Second Chance Feature, which is the major highlight of the slot by landing two scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Once you have enabled this feature, you will have an opportunity to select one symbol out of four on the screen. Depending upon your selection, you will be offered instant prizes or free spins. You must know that you can even expect to receive five free spins if you have landed three scatters on the screen.

The interesting part is that the scatter symbol will turn into a wild symbol during these free spins, which means that you will have better chances to create better winning combinations. Players can also retrigger the free spins and can get 50 free spins, which is just amazing. You always have the chance to win a minimum of one or two free spins even if they have landed one or two scatters. Thus, this slot is all about winning and making cash.

The Bottom Line

Jade Magician slot is a highly appealing casino game by Play’n GO and is worth trying. You can play this game at casinos that are powered by Play’n GO including Mr. Ringo casino, Casino Cruise and others. Thus, you must now try this game and create the best winning combination.

Playtech Forsees Major Success With Nostradamus Slot Game


Slot games enthusiasts have plenty of fantastic options to choose from since gaming software companies keep on releasing new titles at a fairly regular basis. However, anyone who plays slots often will tell you that the games tend to look pretty similar because they all share the same colour schemes and images. Playtech’s decision to create a slot game themed on Nostradamus is therefore quite a good idea. After all, how many games could be themed around a sixteenth century French doctor and visionary?

The Nostradamus slot game does belong to the Playtech stables, but it has been created by Ash Gaming which Playtech bought in 2011. Ash Gaming, in business since 2000, produces a whole lot of interesting games and its titles such as The Life of Brian, and Sinbad’s Golden Voyage are extremely popular.

Fabulous Look

The first thing you will notice about the Nostradamus game is its lovely artwork. It has a very medieval look and the symbols used in it include globes, books, hourglasses and telescopes. The overall look of the game is extremely sophisticated. The game also has a lovely soundtrack that matches the classy visuals. It is clear to see that the production values of the game are of extremely high quality, very much like other titles from Ash Gaming.

Predictions From Nostradamus

One of the coolest things about the game is the way in which it uses the Nostradamus story. The grand old man makes quite a few predictions during the game when it is in regular play mode. These aren’t the original quatrains but are announcements of bonuses and cash prizes. Chances are that players would prefer these predictions to the original ones!

Special Features

The game has a very attractive special feature known as the Planets Bonus. It consists of planets orbiting the sun. In case the planets align on the win line then they will provide the player with multipliers depending on the number of planets that are aligned. The game also has free spins rounds that have three wild symbols. Each of these wilds operates in a different way to provide benefits to players. Players will definitely enjoy seeing these symbols because of how they can multiply wins.


Some people might complain that the Nostradamus game is a bit too sophisticated. In fact, the soundtrack uses elements of classical music and lots of people simply might not like listening to this type of music when gambling. The bonus game could also have been given additional interactive features to make things more interesting. People tend to prefer games that require audience participation beyond just placing wagers.


Nostradamus Prophecy is without doubt a superb game thanks to its unusual theme and its superb artwork. This is a very good game to try out even if classical music and a medieval theme doesn’t really work for you. You’ll easily find this game on many gambling sites where you will also come across a whole lot of interesting titles from Playtech.

Ban on Sports Betting Advertisements in Australia

Sports Betting Advertisements

Sports betting has always been a very controversial topic. More so, many states and their legislations have a problem with rules of online gambling, especially sports betting. On the other hand, Australians have always had a good time when it comes to betting and playing. With the advent of online casino games, more and more players have switched from going to the land-based casinos and playing such games online. Hence, this has given rise to a strange scenario where people have been enthused to take part in the same. While it is important to also understand the gambling can lead to several other issues, and the major one being addiction.

Though one should play the online games in moderation, it is also important to understand the various drawbacks of the same. Many people do not understand that gambling has a lot to do with luck. And, while you win some, you might also lose some in the process. Hence, making something like gambling a habit to earn money is not advisable to anyone; wealthy or not so well off. The Green Party of Australia has a couple of senators in the lower house, also about 23 representatives being elected in the state, and more than 100 councillors and more than 10,000 party members, as was reports in 2011.

It is only recently that we have learnt that the Greens Party intends to bring forth a legislation that prohibits all kinds of sports advertisements. They are following the lines of when the advertising of tobacco was banned in 1992. According to the Senator and gambling critic of the Green Party, Richard Di Natale, sports gambling is an adult pastime, very similar to something like tobacco which should be primarily consumed by adults. He says that both the products should be treated as per certain standards. He further stated that while adults have all the right to play whatever they want as they are responsible individuals. But, there has to be a distinction between striding in a casino to gamble and watching a game a footy. The aim of the Greens Party is to keep the people of Australia safe from such addictions.

Furthermore, Australia has also been one of the countries who has banned the on-air promotion of the live odds during the broadcast of several of their games. The Green Party is of the view that promotions should be done in reasonable limits, and that when we show such promotions online then it encourages kids to take up gambling from a very early age. They also believe that such promotions will tarnish the image of Australia’s rich culture of sports. It was also noted by FairFax Media in a study that lots of promotions were happening during the Australian Football League season. More so that one out of the available six slots were being taken up by promotions of sports betting. These are some of the reasons and logical explanations put forward by the Green Party with respect to their opinion about sports betting promotions and advertising.

Quad-Cities’ 3 Casinos Facing Challenging Future


Casinos which were at one point of time the rage of one and all had investors pumping in money to open new facilities. And just like anywhere else, in Quad cities too casino operators were a happy lot, raking up huge money on their investments. But all this has turned out to be a thing of the past, particularly for Quad cities’ casinos. While technological advancements have opened doors for online casinos thereby making life difficult for the brick and mortar casinos, the decision of Illinois government in 2009 to liberalise the issue of licensing to new casinos have further complicated the situation for the casino operators.

Stiff Competition

Within a period of two decades, the Quad city region has had umpteen numbers of casinos coming up. The profits the casino operators were making obviously was an impetus for newer investments pouring in the region. Now it has reached a point of saturation with more than two dozen casino facilities in the region. And as states of Illinois and Iowa are on the verge of issuing fresh casino licence, the scenario looks bleak for the existing casino operators. And with huge competition also emerging for the brick and mortar casinos from the online casinos, tough times are ahead for these casinos.

Ever Optimistic Investors

However without sulking at the developments, investors are looking at the positive developments too in the industry. One inspirational story is the success of Jumer’s casino. Owners of Jumer casino had pumped in investments of over hundred million dollars in 2008 to create an upscale casino facility on the centennial expressway which has catapulted the casino to its number one position, now. Dan Kehl, the CEO of Rhythm City casino is excited at the prospects of shifting to their new facility where an investment of about $110 millions has been made. Kehl is emphatic that in spite of the big competition, the new facility is absolutely needed – not just for their survival but for the rejuvenation of the industry as such.

A Realistic and Revised Estimate of Turnovers

Though an ambitious projection of $ 80 to $ 90 million per annum was made at the time of project implementation, now considering all other prevailing factors, directors of Rhythm casino hope to easily touch the $70 million mark annually. Since Rhythm casino at their present facility at Davenport riverfront has been doing a business of about $43 million, the increase in turnover is obviously substantial.

Kehl is confidant of such a big turnover since he believes that indices of economics are very strong now. For this reason, without making Rhythm casino as a stand-alone entertainment zone the promoters of Rhythm casino have combined with it various other facilities like event-room, spa, restaurants and pool. And for putting together such excellent infrastructure, the promoters of Rhythm not only have expended $110 million but have compensated $51 million to the Isle of Capri. Such grandeur plans have been unveiled to successfully face the challenge of the online casinos.

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Thai Authorities Nab 16 in an Operation Against Online Gambling Operators


Police in Thailand cracked down on a number of online gambling operations that were doing business in contravention of the country’s laws. Thailand, like many countries, has extremely outdated laws governing gambling, and its Gambling Act of 1935 hasn’t kept pace with the changing times. The only forms of gambling permitted in Thailand are the lottery and horseracing, but there is immense demand for all sorts of gambling that is met by online operators. In fact, a large number of Thais visit online gambling sites operating from servers located internationally.

The latest operation against gambling operators was quite a large one and it resulted in the arrest of 16 people. The websites had been extremely successful in attracting punters from all over Thailand and also drew the attention of authorities since they had collectively managed to rake in more than THB100 million, the equivalent of US$2.85 million, on a monthly basis.

Thai police teams conducted raids on gambling establishments and offices in 18 different locations across the country. All the arrested people are Thai nationals and they are believed to be employees of call centres who were required to take wagers from customers. It is believed that they will be charged with money laundering and also advertising their gambling services. If found guilty of the charges, these individuals might have to do a maximum of two years in prison in addition to being required to pay up to THB 5,000 in fines.

Police Colonel Sihanart Prayoonrat who heads the Thai Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) told the news media that 38 bank awards had been identified as belonging to members of the gambling ring. These bank accounts containing a total of THB10 million have been frozen by the authorities pending the investigations. Police also seized 50 computers in addition to communication equipment as well as bank books.

The fight against online gambling rings hasn’t been proceeding at the desired pace because investigative authorities do not have the resources they require. In fact, the country’s Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) doesn’t even have the authority to arrest companies that operate gambling rings located outside the country or even to block various websites that have licenses to operate in multiple international jurisdictions.

The Thai government, however, seems to be very serious about bringing online gambling under control. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has invested additional powers in the country’s military forces in order to give them the right to arrest criminal suspects since the police forces are woefully understaffed. While this order known as “Suppression of wrongdoings that could threaten Thai economy and society” is indeed part of the country’s crackdown on civil liberties, it can also be used to control criminal activities such as gambling, prostitution, extortion, fraud and other types of crime. Soldiers belonging to the country’s armed forces can now detain suspects for up to seven days. It will be interesting to see whether this move of the government will be able to get the desired results in keeping gambling under control.

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Mega Moolah Jackpot Crosses $10 Million Mark


It’s a well-known fact that slot games give out excellent prizes to those who are lucky enough to get the winning combinations on their screens, but progressive slot games are another matter entirely. These games are immensely popular with gamblers because of the speed at which their jackpots rise and also the huge size that the jackpots eventually become. After all, these jackpots get contributions from each and every wager placed on games that are part of the progressive game’s network. What’s more, slot games also give out their impressive wins for relatively small wagers.

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular progressive slot games in operation these days because of its amazingly big jackpots. British soldier Jonathon Heywood won the jackpot from this five-reel and 25 pay line slot game last October and walked away with £13.2 million, which is around $20 million. In fact, the win was so large that it made its way to the Guinness Book Of World Records. The win in question took place at Betway Casino although there are many casinos that feature this game. These include Jackpot City Casino, All Slots Casino, and Royal Vegas Casino.

Since Mega Moolah hasn’t given out a win for the past five months, it is fair to say that the jackpot could happen any day soon. It goes without saying that the winning amount will be decided entirely by chance since the game uses a Random Number Generator to come up with the combinations for every spin. Fans of slot games will be interested to know that the jackpot has already moved past the $10 million mark as it keeps on increasing in size.

At its current size of $10 million, the Mega Moolah jackpot is far smaller than the world record win. However, even at its current size it has the ability to change the winner’s life completely! In fact, the prospect of bagging an imminent win of such huge proportions is attracting lots more gamblers to this progressive slot game.

More About Mega Moolah Slot

The Mega Moolah slot game is one of the biggest and best members of the Microgaming stable. It has been around for quite a few years now and has built a formidable reputation for itself during that time. The game is exciting and fast paced and it also has excellent graphics, much as other Microgaming titles. The game has now been optimized for use on mobile devices given that increasing numbers of customers choose their mobile phones and tablets to access online gambling sites from. The game has a wildlife theme and is set in an African safari park.

Gamblers playing the Mega Moolah slot game need to make it all the way to the bonus round in order to get a chance of winning the jackpots. There are four jackpots in individual tiers and the largest is naturally right at the top. The game also has plenty of interesting features to keep players interested in it for a long time as they try their luck.

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William Hill Advertisements Banned


In this age of stiff competition companies often resort to market promotions which more often than not are misleading and confuse the consumers. Unfortunately in many instances and in many countries, these companies are able to go scot free due to the leniency in the laws. However, the same is not the case in United Kingdom. In UK, regulations on advertisements are under the gambit of Advertising Standards Agency. Importantly, this agency acts as an enforcer whenever the public resent the way a product is advertised and promoted.

Paddy Power Harnessed

Classic case of intervention of the Advertising Standards Agency could be the numerous shackles, the advertisement enforcing agency has placed on Paddy Power, the reputed online betting agent working with Ireland as base. Paddy Power on more than one occasion has been reined-in when the online betting agent ran campaigns with contentious natter. Paddy Power has been strictly instructed in the past not to transgress limits of public decorum in their campaigns. In fact Paddy power has had the ignominy of having to withdraw few campaigns since the promos were outlandishly hurting the sentiments of a section of the people.

William Hill Facing the Music

Latest instance of an ad campaign which has not gone down well with the public and the Advertising Standards Agency is the promotion launched by William Hill, the top online gambling service provider. The campaign which has ruffled feathers all around pertains to the marketing promotion carried out by William Hill in December 2015. Adverting Standards Agency has pulled up William Hill for coming up with a promotion which is ambiguous and likely to misrepresent factual position. Advertising Standards Agency has reprimanded William Hill and instructed them to stop any further display of the said advertisement.

William Hill’s Waterloo

The problem for William Hill surfaced when a campaign was launched declaring that wagering on few specific games were totally safe and free of any risks as bettors could get a full refund of their money even in case of losing the bet. Trouble for William Hill started when bettors were asked to place further bets in order to be eligible for the refund. The offended bettors reported the issue to the Advertising Standards Agency, who concurred with their views that the campaign was misleading as nowhere in the advertisement of William Hill this clause of eligibility was mentioned.

Aggrieved Bettors

William Hill also had to face the wrath of a bettor who was declined refund for want of betting to a specified amount. In fact, the bettor who had staked the money initially won on betting was told that the prize money could not be considered as money invested by the bettor and that the bettor had to bring in his money to be eligible for the refund. However such arguments by William Hill were not accepted by the Adverting Standards Agency and hence William Hill was asked to withdraw the campaign and to not to indulge in any such promotions in future which were misrepresenting.

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Chinese Authorities Crack Down on Online Gambling Scam; Arrest 218


Police in Guangdong have taken 218 people into custody for being part of illegal online gambling operations. The gambling scam in question made use of major Macau based gambling operators to target customers based in China.
Gambling is illegal in China but there exists a thriving online betting industry to cater to the demand from this country. Since this industry operates in a grey area it gives rise to a large number of scams, which are unearthed at a disturbingly regular basis. However, authorities in China say that the latest internet scam has been the biggest so far. The people operating it managed to skim off a whopping CNY140 million, the equivalent of $21 million from victims numbering at least 1000 located across different parts of the country.

The authorities first got wind of the scam last year in March when they received complaints from people living in the city of Foshan which is located in the province of Guangdong. Customers of these fake gambling sites were asked to deposit money into their gaming accounts in order to begin gambling on various gaming products including live casino games. The police subsequently launched their investigations into the issue which lead to two illegal betting sites being unearthed.

According to the investigators, the illegal operations made use of the names of well-known Macau casinos to attract their victims. The casinos whose identities were stolen include the Galaxy, the Venetian Macao, and the Grand Lisboa. Interestingly, the operators of the scam sites were targeting only Chinese customers because the sites were exclusively in the Chinese language. However, the servers hosting the sites were based in Poipet, Cambodia with an aim to stay out of the reach of Chinese law enforcement.

The police operation was a massive one involving more than 1000 offices and taking place in Poipet as well as different parts of China. Arrests were made in Cambodia as well as Mainland China. Based upon the information available from investigators, some of the people detained in Poipet already had warrants against their name in China for various offences related to providing illegal betting services and transferring funds obtained illegally. As a result, at least 38 of the suspects detained during the Poipet raids were sent back to Mainland China for further investigations.

The Chinese love for gambling induces large numbers of them to travel to Macau as well as other countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. Many of these places have gambling establishments run by Chinese nationals and their clientele are predominantly from that country as well. They arrive in these countries with large amounts of cash in order to indulge in gambling and other activities that are banned in their country. In fact, these enclaves devoted to gambling are so Chinese that it is hard to hear the local language spoken there. It is clear to see that the Chinese government is willing to turn a blind eye to the gambling in these countries as long as it stays within the law.

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Rank Group Launches Digital Gaming Platform From Bede


Noted UK based gambling company the Rank Group has launched a new digital gaming platform to enable it to tap into the fast growing and very competitive online gaming business. Supplied by Bede Gaming, the new gaming platform supports the group’s gaming site as well as its mobile app from its two popular brands Mecca and Grosvenor. There are also plans to launch it on another Rank brand Enracha which is extremely popular in the Spanish market.

Henry Birch, CEO of Rank Group, pointed out that the company’s latest gaming platform had a very successful launch taking several parameters into account. Not only did the platform get ready within its budgeted time and cost but it also increased the functionality of the gambling sites which can easily be played via desktop or mobile. However, the company hopes to improve the site’s performance even further by adding a few more features to the software.
The Rank Group, based in Maidenhead, operates a number of land-based bingo clubs in different parts of the United Kingdom in addition to its digital products that offer slots, table games, electronic casino games, as well as bingo. Rank Group has extensive gambling operations in different parts of Spain and it also has two gambling outlets in Belgium.

The Rank Group has managed to achieve very good results this year, with increased revenues over all sectors when compared to the previous year. The company notched revenues of £370.1 million in the second half of 2015, which was an increase of 5% over the previous year. There was also a 11% increase in operating profit to touch £46.1 million.

Bede gaming is also very optimistic about its future prospects now that its software has got greater visibility online. The company’s chairman, Joe Saumarez Smith, said that the new platform’s smooth launch was only to be expected and that the collaboration with the Rank Group was very important for its growth plans. The company was founded in 2011 and it has come a long way in the last five years since its online gaming platform and other gaming products are very effective and easy to use. It has its headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne but it also operates from Sofia and London.

The introduction of the new digital gaming platform is no doubt very important for the Rank Group’s future growth plans. However, the company is also preparing to launch two more bingo clubs later on this year. In addition, it will be launching a new sports betting product to tap into this highly competitive yet lucrative market.

All in all, the Rank Group has plans to expand its market share by providing its customers with the best quality betting experience. It has almost 2 million customers in the United Kingdom and the numbers are expected to increase at a healthy pace. It will be a challenge to increase the customer base whilst also ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained at all times without taking up costs very much.

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