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Online Casinos Shutting Down


Online Casinos Shutting Down

The internet based casino industry is no doubt very lucrative but there is also cutthroat competition to deal with since there are a large number of players jostling for space in it. While these businesses do not have large payroll costs they still have to pay licence fees for the software they use in addition to paying for hosting a website and marketing it. Furthermore, online casinos tend to give very attractive bonuses in order to attract and retain customers. Therefore, it is easy to see that the initial period can be quite costly for the operators.

Not every gambling operator is able to stay in business long enough to make money, and it is only natural that a few of them drop out of the race now and then. The latest online casinos to shut shop are Lucky Balls, Duel 5, and Casino Broceliande, three sites that have offered quite a good range of the latest and classic titles games to slot machine enthusiasts. These casinos have been in business quite a while and each of them has built up a solid customer base, but the economics of the business must simply not have been in their favour. However, the nature of the business is such that new operators step in to fill the place left by them, and customers will always have a wide range of online casinos to choose from.

The three sites that have bid adieu to the business this month have all been quite popular, but this has evidently not been enough to sustain their operations. These gambling sites are all operated by Gantor Ltd, a company which is based out of Malta. Gantor is a well-established company that has all the necessary licenses and registrations in Malta and it operates a few other popular gambling sites as well.

While Lucky Balls and Duel 5 focused on players from the United Kingdom, Casino Broceliande is a French-language site that caters predominantly to Canadians. All three sites will be having a planned exist from the gambling business which means that they have given their customers ample time to pull their money out of their betting accounts. Players should be very careful about the timing of their bets since they might have trouble in case they place bets that expire after the sites shut down. The sites have also increased the customer support available so that they can answer all questions concerning money matters quickly and enable people to cash out as painlessly as possible. After all, the company has its reputation to think about, and many of its customers also play on other sites operated by it.

The shutting down of a few sites certainly does not spell doom for the internet based gambling industry since this is a fairly common experience. After all, when some sites close down they only make way for new ones, especially ones that have a new concept or interesting offer. The churn in the industry is always good news for players because it gives them something to look forward to.

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