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Mecca Bingo Computer Malfunction Leaves Prize Money Frozen


Mecca Bingo customers have been left enraged after a computer malfunction caused thousands of winners’ prize money ceased midway. Customers are criticising the company for taking money in for new wagers without advising people that they may not be rewarded if they win. The customers who strike lucky on the site have accounted that they are expecting for over a week to get paid, as the company goes on to take money for new wagers.

Mike Ward, aged 56, a retired Argos retail manager, from Alfreton, Derbs, pronounced that he along with his partner Jill, have been waiting for a complete 6 days to gain their respective winnings.

He stated that he has made contact with Mecca nearly every day since the pair comprehended that the money has not been deposited in their account. Every time he contacted, the company expressed regret and assured to sort the issue in 24 or maximum 48 hours. Each time their winnings did not succeed to emerge, a customer service agent told Mike that the problem was bothering thousands of people.

Whenever you place a deposit down it comes out of the player’s account and gets submitted into the company’s account immediately.

He was left furious after he acknowledged that Mecca persisted to accept customers’ cash to put fresh wagers, without informing people they would not be rewarded. Mike emphasized on informing the players about this glitch prior they invest money in Mecca’s account. The company needs to gain profit but this technique of gaining by troubling customers who have placed faith in the company and have selected their site among a wide range of casinos for fun and entertainment, is absolutely dishonorable. It will certainly lead to the downfall of the company.

Online Games and Slots Crashed Too on the Mecca Bingo Site

The customer service client also informed Mike that the fault is also leading the online games as well as slots to crash.

Emails for Promotions

He further declared that the company is constantly sending him e-mails with offers and discounts, tempting him to visit the site in order to invest more money in the company to play games among their wide collection. It is appalling action done by the website to grant you promotions to visit on the site and gamble when they are aware that the players would not get paid instead of receiving complaints from thousands of people.

The real issue behind the payments not being made…

When contacted to the company for the report of the whole issue, a representative of Mecca Bingo stated that they had employed new software last week, which disappointingly created some momentary issues with payments. He further added that the company has been really working hard to repair these malfunctions and all the technical problems have now been solved.

He apologised on the behalf of Mecca Bingo to all the customers who have faced the hindrance. He also assured the players that they are working throughout the remaining customer account problems and all the money will be paid as soon as possible.

Although, Mecca Bingo is a trustworthy casino website and it has encountered such problem for the first time. It is a top bingo site in UK and you can achieve bingo and slots all in one place. You can download Mecca apps on your Android phone, iPhone or iPad for many prizes and jackpots. It also has ‘refer a friend program’ where you will achieve prizes for convincing a friend to play on the website. It provides a help centre for the players to contact the website whenever they have queries and they will be responded right away. You can contact them through live chat, phone or email.

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