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Match Fixing Scandals Cast a Shadow Upon Online Gambling


Online gambling and sports betting is a very popular business all over the world but the recent match fixing scandals that have hit the sport of cricket have dented this business pretty badly as well. The huge amounts of money that cricket has been able to attract has no doubt brought about a number of problems. The cash filled Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 tournament is case in point.

Match Fixing Scandals

Asad Rauf, a well-known cricket umpire from Pakistan was banned for five years by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), India’s premier cricket regulatory body on account of being involved with an illegal betting ring. He, and many players and teams, were investigated for providing crucial inside information about matches to a betting circle in return for payments. This was a huge scandal that brought the IPL into disrepute and many cricketers were also caught in it, three of them also losing their careers in the process.

The overall governing body of cricket, The International Cricket Council also recently announced that it was able to identify another plot to fix matches and nip it in the bud. Sir Ronnie Flanagan, a retired police officer who heads the anti corruption unit of the ICC, said that all the main people associated with the match fixing plot had been identified. However, he declined to provide details about the athletes involved or even the country they played for even though he indicated that the team in question was an international one. Flanagan also said that investigations were still going on to find out more details about the case.

Sports organisations and sporting regulatory bodies all over the world, and not just for the sport of cricket, are very concerned about the spread of corruption in their field. Match fixing has become a very common activity that has risen in popularity along with the rise of illegal sports betting. The biggest worry about match fixing is that it corrupts the standards of the game while also bringing it into disrepute. Regulators rightly believe that fans will lose interest in the game if they are aware of the fact that athletes stoop to fixing the results instead of working hard to actually win matches.  Therefore the ICC invests a lot of time and money in monitoring the sport of cricket so that any irregularities in it can be brought under control.

Online sports gambling continues to be a very popular activity all over the world since gambling sites can be accessed from any location with a great deal of ease. There are many high quality sites managed by established bookmakers and these sites are able to offer a very exciting and reliable betting experience. However, there are many illegally run sites that cater to the high demand for sports betting emanating from countries where it is banned, China and the United States are case in point. These sites are poorly managed and they might also be run for the purpose of cheating customers.

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