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How to Efficiently Play on Multiple-coin Slot Machines and Single-coin Slot Machines?


The Multiple-coin Slot Machine

Available in a variety of configurations, multiple-coin slot machines usually require more than one coin to play. They are also called multipliers. They are usually available in all the newer casinos present in the market around you. They usually have a single pay line, and one needs to make a winning combination on the middle line. Each machine allows different number of coins. In most of these games, you can bet up to six coins. For example in Tiki Island slot game, you have the option of playing with more than one coin. The idea behind this proposition is that for each coin that you insert, your chances of winning also increases tremendously.

Post 1While it may sound really interesting, but when should you play with a multiplier? In most cases, it is advantageous that you play with the maximum number of coins. Tiki Island slot game offers amazing jackpots. So, if you have bet the maximum number of coins in a particular game, and if you win the jackpot, then your day will be made. In some online slot games, a bonus amount is also paid to the players.

Here is an interesting theory, if you play on a slot and bet three-coin quarter multiplier on a three-reel slot machine, on one quarter played you will win 50 quarters. You will win 100 if you place two quarters and with three coins, you will win 150 quarters. The outcome of this theory is that with each extra coin that you play with, you increase your chances of winning by 50 coins.

Hence, we understand from this theory that you need to closely examine the award glass on the website. If a particular slot machine only gives a jackpot if you bet on the maximum number of coins, then there is hardly any point in betting less number of coins than the maximum. You should also check whether all the slot machines offer a bonus after winning the jackpot. Play on those slot machines that offer a bonus on the jackpot because it will be beneficial for you.

The Single-Coin Slot Machines

While these days, most of the slot machines accept multiple coins only, there are certain slot machines that accept single coins. These kind of slot machines might be hard to find. You might find some in older casinos because nowadays newer casinos do not keep them. These kind of single-coin slot machines use three denominations namely dime, nickel and quarter denominations. You might be amused to find skinny reels that spin rapidly and suddenly come to a stop with a clang or a musical note. Under normal circumstances, single-coin slot machines pay jackpots if you bet a maximum of $15.

While some gambling loyalists believe that these are the only true machines to play on. They can provide a number of hours for fun. If you are lucky, then you might win the jackpot and take home millions.


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