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Finding a Loose Slot Machine to Play!


For every player, it is a dream to find a loose slot machine to play on. It can be considered a herculean task with a slice of luck involved. Ask any player and they always dream of finding a loose slot machine. But it is the unfortunate truth that only a few find it, and the rest have to accept their fate. It is important to understand that for one to find a loose slot machine, it is important to consider the casino and its location.

Loose Slot MachinesWhat is the meaning of a loose slot machine?

A machine returns a certain percentage to the players in the long run. A loose slot machine is one that will eventually pay a higher percentage of the payout than other machines, hence, the term loose was coined. Most of the theories are myths as there isn’t a scientific explanation as to where a loose machine is placed inside a land-based casino. But, people still like to speculate about its possibility!

Fact or Myth?

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk and speculation as to which ones are the loose slot machines. There have been many myths since a very long time. However, it cannot be said with extreme precision as to where the loose slot machines are located.

Loose Slot Machines are Surrounded by Tight Machines

The loose machines are the ones that are surrounded with tight machines. It is also a pattern that many slot players play on more than one slot machine at a time. Hence, if the player plays on several machines, they have the chance of stumbling upon a loose slot machine once in awhile!

Loose Slot Machines are Placed by the Entrance

The main reason behind the myth or concept of loose slot machines is the fact that if people win, then their friends and family will also come to the casino and play the games. There are amazing casino games and slots such as Tiki Island, which is a treat to play. This point is more of a myth as hotels usually have multiple entrances!

Slot Machines near the Table Games are Tight

Table games require a fair bit of concentration. Hence, this myth was formulated when it was thought that the clutter of slot machines will disturb the players on the table games.

Machines Near the End of the Row are Loose

Well, people usually like to follow the flock. Hence, if someone wins on a particular machine, other players will also follow suit.

Slot Machines Near the Showroom and Buffet are Tight

The idea behind this concept is that when people are waiting in line for the buffet and they see people playing, they will also be enticed into playing a game on the slot machine.

Slot Machines Near the Casino Cage are Loose

This myth is based on the thinking that the casino wants more and more people to come and play. Hence, if you are playing any casino games and see people winning on slots, they will play slots as well.


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