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Do You Know the Interesting History of Slot Machines?


It is interesting to know that the name ‘slot machine’ was initially associated with all vending machines. It was only in the 20th century that the term was used for slot games. In British terminology, a ‘fruit machine’ is also another name for a slot machine.

History of Slot MachinesCharles Fey and The Liberty Bell

Invented in 1895, Liberty Bell was the first slot machine to operate. It was also the first mechanical slot machine invented by Charles Fey in San Francisco, USA. It might be intriguing to know that the Liberty Bell slot machine had just three spinning reels. And only three symbols namely Heart, Diamond and Spade, which were painted on the spinning reels. The logo of a Liberty Bell was painted on top of the slot game. If you are passionate about slots and gambling, you’ll still be able to see these slot games at the slot stations in Nevada and certain other cities.

Charles Fey came up with other machines as well such as Three Spindle, Draw Power and Klondike. The first of its kind draw poker machine was invented by Charles Fey in 1901. The machine also had a mechanism to check fake nickels!

The Demand for Slot Machines Grows

Since the invention of the slot machine, the demand for more machines like these increased. The scenario was such that there were more people wanting to play than the number of machines. Obviously, the demand was much more than the supply and Fey could not cope up with the supply. There were other groups interested in buying out the right to manufacturing and selling, but Fey refused such proposals. Hence, Herbert Mills, who was a Chicago-based manufacturer started the production of a similar slot machine based on Fey’s original idea.

How The Original Slot Machines Worked?

Inside every slot machine, there were several hoops-also called as reels-that were attached. All the reels had a maximum of 10 symbols painted on them. The players were required to put in money and spin the reels. When the reels used to stop and a combination of three symbols appeared on the slot machine, the player used to win a jackpot. Coins of several denomination used to dispense out of the machine and players could collect them.

The Age of Electronics

It was the year 1934 when the first animated machine used for horse races was invented. It went by the name of Pacers Races. It was the first gambling machine that was entirely electrical. Then Nevada Electronic came up with an electric machine in 1964 called 21. It became very popular among players. Most of the gamers started switching from the earlier types of machines to these new ones that were entirely electric. After this, started the gambling revolution, with the turn of the 20th century. We can now play games such as horse racing, poker, dice, slots and roulette. The Fortune Coin Company was credited for coming up with the first slot machine that was entirely electronic in 1975.

Video slot games such as Tiki Island video slot have become immensely popular!


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