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Definitions of a Few Commonly Used Slot Terms


Slots are perhaps the easiest games to play at casinos and they are a great deal of fun. Whether you enjoy playing the current favourite Tiki Island video slot game or even a basic single line slot, there are plenty of options these days. There are certain terms used in slot games and you’ll need to know them to understand exactly what is going on.

Slot TermsAction or Play – This is the entire amount of money bet on a slot machine during a particular session or over any specific time frame. Any frequent user benefits will be based on your total action.

Bet Max Button – Pay out charts are generally based upon the maximum wager permitted in a game. The bet max button places an automatic bet of the maximum amount determined by your coin size. If the game has a maximum bet of 10 coins for every line and you fix your coin size to 20 cents, then the bet max button will automatically wager $2 per line. If you feel that this is too costly for you, then you should play on a slot machine that has a small coin size.

Bet One Button – This button enables you to place a wager of a single coin on a spin. You might miss out on the biggest payouts because they are normally given on a max bet only.

Betting Units or Credits – This is determined by the amount of money you have credited to your account in the slot machine and the size of the coin you are playing with. In case you have put $20 in the machine and are playing with quarter coin size, then you will have 100 credits or betting units.

Cold Slots – This is a machine that hasn’t made a payout for a while. This is a fallacy that many players believe because the machine will give a payout according to its computer program.

Fixed Value Slots – These slot machines permit you to make wagers of one size only with no chance of doing anything, but feed money in before hitting the spin button. These games are popular on account of their simplicity.

Hammering a Machine – This is a term used to describe prolonged periods at a particular slot machine in the hope of winning a progressive jackpot.

Hit and Run – This is a player who moves from machine to machine searching for one that is ‘hot’.

Hold Percentage – This is the percentage of the total play kept by the casino. If a slot machine has a hold percentage of 3% then it means that the casino earns $3 from it for every $100 that is bet on it over a long period.

Linked Progressive Jackpot – This is a jackpot to which a number of progressive slot machines contribute because they are linked together. The jackpot increases very fast, especially in online casinos where progressive slots include games from many different casinos.

Random Number Generator or RNG – This is the computer software that determines the outcome of the slot game, thereby ensuring that it is perfectly random.


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