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Coin Denominations and When is a Good Time to Bet Max Using Them?


With online games becoming more popular and accessible, it is easy to get lost in the virtual world. There can be a lot of confusion as to what to choose and what not in terms of coin denominations and coin size in slot games like Tiki Island. New players can be at a loss in deciding what needs to be done while choosing various aspects at the online casinos. Here, we give you a brief introduction about coin denominations and when you should bet max. This will surely help you in making an informed choice in the betting world.

Coin DenominationsCoin Denominations

In slot games like Tiki Island, you need to select coins to wager and each and every one of them has a denomination. The denomination decides the value of the coin. For example, if you are playing Tiki Island slot game  and you choose a coin of 0.01, then the value of the coin will be equivalent to a penny. The denominations can be represented as dime, penny, nickels and so on. Whatever coin denomination you choose, from 0.01 to 1.00, or even more, it will indirectly represent the value of the coin. It is to be noted that penny slots have coins that have a denomination of 0.01 only.

What Accommodates Your Bet Amount?

The value of the coin into the number of pay lines, and the amount or number of coins you wish to bet on each line determines your bet amount.

A maximum bet is also an interesting subject. A maximum bet is placed when you bet the maximum number of coins on all the pay lines. Also, not to forget, the coin denomination also has to be the highest.

While betting maximum, you need to be sure about your skills at the game as well. If you win, it is amazing, but if you lose, it can cost you quite a lot!

Why Should You Bet Max?

Also referred to as Maximum Bet or Max Bet, online slots gives you the option of betting maximum. It literally means the maximum that you can or should bet on a particular spin. In online slot games, the option of bet max is always available. It is important in several online slot games because of a simple reason that the option of progressive jackpot or acquiring the jackpot only becomes available if you have bet with the maximum number of coins. It is always a good idea to bet max when you have a chance to play the bonus rounds or use free spins.

You also need to keep in mind that slots that have high denominations have higher payouts too. It is also often observed that you might win more jackpots if you bet max.

And, overall as well, it is better to play with a maximum bet in slot games. You get higher multiples and your chances of winning jackpots also increase. If you look at it from the perspective of long term strategy, it definitely looks like a good choice to make!


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