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Bongo’s Bingo: Newcastle’s Most Uncommon Night Club


There are plenty of nightclubs where you can let your hair down but beyond a point you’ll have to admit that there’s very little to differentiate one from the other although they are all great places to be. There’s a brand new nightclub concept and it’s proving to be great fun because it offers a lot more than just the usual heady mix of dance, booze, and companionship. This version of nightclub involves bingo and it is known as Rave Bingo.

Rave Bingo club nights are run by a company known as Bongo’s Bingo and it is an absolute riot. The company had organised one of these club nights at Newcastle late last year as part of its launch. The party was held at South Street’s Boiler Shop and it was a huge success going by the amount of madness involved.

No one could have imagined that Bingo and Rave music would have made such a great combination but the event at Newcastle provided enough proof that it would work well together. However, a careful examination of the bingo industry would indicate that the game has been attracting young customers at a steady rate. It’s true that bingo rooms all across the United Kingdom feature mostly women above a certain age, but the situation is entirely different at online casinos.

Online bingo attracts a very wide range of customers because of its nifty animation and attractive promotions. Online bingo sites also offer a wide range of experiences apart from just Bingo. Players can play slots and casino games when they want a break from Bingo. They can also try their hand at different variations of the game themed on hugely popular game shows such as Deal or No Deal and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

It is interesting to note that more than 1.9 million people play this game every month in the United Kingdom. Playing bingo on one’s computer lacks the social element that a land based bingo hall can provide but the industry is working to address this issue without delay. Many online bingo sites offer text chat facility in addition to exciting live games hosted by experienced presenters who can keep the excitement going.

Bingo Plus Rave Becomes Something Else Entirely

Rave Bingo isn’t just a bingo game where people listen to rave music. This is a totally wild event that has a number of unexpected twists to keep players involved at all times. Bingo players wait for the rave intervals when they pick up glowsticks to be part of the music-fuelled fun. The occasional dance-offs are immense fun and they always manage to pull in lots of enthusiastic participants. There is also a mad scramble to see what the piñata has to offer.

There are plenty of exciting prizes at Bongo Bingo and people vie with each other to win them. The prizes are admittedly lower than the ones offered by bingo halls or even by gaming sites, but they’re really worth playing for.
Rave Bingo has become a huge hit with younger people and lots of universities have become venues of these events. In fact, many rave bingo is now organized for many fresher’s events in different parts of the country.

The people at Bongo’s Bingo clearly know exactly what their customers want because each event has been a great deal of fun so far. The tickets aren’t particularly costly, and they are definitely worth the money because of the huge amount of excitement to be had. Both Bingo and Rave are great fun to play, but the combination takes both to a higher level.


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