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Ban on Sports Betting Advertisements in Australia

Sports Betting Advertisements

Sports betting has always been a very controversial topic. More so, many states and their legislations have a problem with rules of online gambling, especially sports betting. On the other hand, Australians have always had a good time when it comes to betting and playing. With the advent of online casino games, more and more players have switched from going to the land-based casinos and playing such games online. Hence, this has given rise to a strange scenario where people have been enthused to take part in the same. While it is important to also understand the gambling can lead to several other issues, and the major one being addiction.

Though one should play the online games in moderation, it is also important to understand the various drawbacks of the same. Many people do not understand that gambling has a lot to do with luck. And, while you win some, you might also lose some in the process. Hence, making something like gambling a habit to earn money is not advisable to anyone; wealthy or not so well off. The Green Party of Australia has a couple of senators in the lower house, also about 23 representatives being elected in the state, and more than 100 councillors and more than 10,000 party members, as was reports in 2011.

It is only recently that we have learnt that the Greens Party intends to bring forth a legislation that prohibits all kinds of sports advertisements. They are following the lines of when the advertising of tobacco was banned in 1992. According to the Senator and gambling critic of the Green Party, Richard Di Natale, sports gambling is an adult pastime, very similar to something like tobacco which should be primarily consumed by adults. He says that both the products should be treated as per certain standards. He further stated that while adults have all the right to play whatever they want as they are responsible individuals. But, there has to be a distinction between striding in a casino to gamble and watching a game a footy. The aim of the Greens Party is to keep the people of Australia safe from such addictions.

Furthermore, Australia has also been one of the countries who has banned the on-air promotion of the live odds during the broadcast of several of their games. The Green Party is of the view that promotions should be done in reasonable limits, and that when we show such promotions online then it encourages kids to take up gambling from a very early age. They also believe that such promotions will tarnish the image of Australia’s rich culture of sports. It was also noted by FairFax Media in a study that lots of promotions were happening during the Australian Football League season. More so that one out of the available six slots were being taken up by promotions of sports betting. These are some of the reasons and logical explanations put forward by the Green Party with respect to their opinion about sports betting promotions and advertising.


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