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Are Online Slots the Real Deal?


The surge in popularity of online slot games like Tiki island game has resulted in debate between the online casino enthusiasts and the land based casino diehards regarding which of the two versions are superior. With both the factions stiffly arguing the merits of their cases, it is worth assessing the pros and cons of the two types of slot independently.

Real Enjoyment at Land Casinos

The Real DealThe land casino supporters naturally stoutly claim that the electric casino atmosphere can never be created when playing in the solitary confines of home. But the online slot supporters cite the excellent graphics brought out by the online slot software designers. For them the incredible and out-of-the- world animation is not something that could be replicated.

The Payouts at Slot Machines

Whereas when a player chooses to play Tiki island slot games online, he could hope to enjoy the benefits of very high payouts ranging even up to 98%, in contrast at land based casinos such payouts are uncommon. At land based casinos, the highest payout might at best be around 90%. Thus for players who look to make profit even while having good entertainment, online slot games is the answer.

Free Games to Play Online

One of the innovations of online casinos is the provision made available to play and enjoy the games for free. Without depositing any casino money as registration fees, players could play for hours their favourite Tiki Island slot games. Thus the free games available at the online casinos serve as trial games where the players could have a feel of the game. The free games also help the new players to shed their fears and play the game in a relaxed way. Since such facilities are not provided at land based casinos, these casinos definitely lose out to the online slots on this count.

Bonus Money and Bonus Rounds

While land based casinos also offer various incentives, the deluge of incentives offered at online slots are incomparable. May be the tougher competition which is seen at online casinos has made the promoters of these ventures to offer some unbelievable offers. When a person signs-in to play the Tiki island slot game, he immediately is credited with as much as 200% of the money deposited as bonus offer. Such high bonuses enable the players to play at the slots for longer period of time. There are various other incentives available at online slot games like the bonus rounds which again enhance the joy of playing as well as winning at the slot games.

Target Audience

Not only both the land based casinos and the online slots have the whole-hearted backing of loyal fans, the targeted players for the two types of casinos are totally different. Interestingly the land based casino player on no account could resist the temptation of visiting his favourite casino even if he had enjoyed online slot games overnight. Similar sentiments are displayed by online slot player.


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