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An Overview for Beginners Interested in Playing Online Slot Games


No specific skill is required for winning at land–based or online casinos like Tiki island slots as one does not require much expertise in pushing a button or pulling a handle. A player can enjoy his game if he understands the workings of the machines and what he aims to win for what he plays. The experience is enhanced if one knows exactly what to expect from his session of playing.

Overview for BeginnersProgressive slot machines also comprising Tiki Island slots, are played in the same manner as regular slot machines. They differ in the way payouts are handed to winners. The speciality of progressive slot jackpots is that they keep on increasing in value as the playing session prolongs. Large casinos have a tradition of displaying the value of a progressive slot on large boards whereas online casinos display the values onscreen. Land-based casinos usually hang the boards above the machines at a position from where the winnings figures are easily displayed.

Progressive slot machines are a networked group organized in a sequential manner. Locational proximity is not the criteria for these machines and they may be connected by a networking system across land-based and online casinos. Every time a bet is placed by a player at any of these machines, a percentage is allotted towards the jackpot which is expected in the progressive move. The highest payout of these machines is known as a jackpot and can be availed at any machine which is connected by the network.

Any player wanting to win the jackpot has to play coins a maximum number of times. If one does not want to play the maximum number of coins, it does not make any sense to play a progressive slot game. The payout for every winning combination on these machines is a bit lesser than on a regular machine. The lesser payout has been attributed to the extra money which is allocated to the progressive jackpot. The progressive payout reaches is zenith after a single player hits a big move. Following the larger win, the permutations and combinations of the jackpot is reset and it is reverted to the minimum payout mode and commences the growth stage again. Progressive slot machines which include Tiki Island slots handout payouts which can fluctuate from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars. The degree of difficulty of the progressive jackpot determines the increase or decrease in the payout; the more the level of difficulty, the more the payout.

The same methodology is followed in the working of all slots. They differ in the cabinet storage methods or the pictures displayed on the screen. One has to press a button following the adding of credits, inserting of coins or the adding of cash or cards. The machine is put into motion through the pressing of a button or lever. The outcome is determined by a random number generator and the same is represented on the screen by symbols.

A payout schedule determines the deliverables due to winners. The amount each winning combination pays defines the payout schedule. Larger payouts are doled out on smaller winnings while the payouts for larger wins may be reduced. Progressive slots usually hand out more winnings in top jackpots and lesser on lower combinations. The player needs to set his goals in advance to justify his playing session and enhance his winnings.


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