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About Us

This about us section of this bingowithslots.co.uk website is going to enlighten you on why we have chosen to put together and then launch this site, and as such please do give it a little read through!

The team that launched this website have been playing at online bingo sites for more years than they care to remember, and as such are vastly experienced in knowing what to look out for from any such site in regards to getting the best levels of service, the highest valued bingo bonuses and also knowing which sites to play at to get paid out your winnings promptly and also which bingo sites offer something of a fully rounded experience to players.

However, having a passion for playing bingo online is not the main reason we chose to launch this website, for we also enjoy playing slot machines too.

Having played probably hundreds of different slot games that are available at dozens of different bingo sites over the years we found that it was the Tiki Island slot that did tick all of the right boxes in regards to what our team look for and enjoy the most about playing slot games, and that is the reason you will find this website is dedicated to that slot.

If you also enjoy playing slot games and bingo games at the same time then you are not going to go wrong by signing up to any of the bingo sites that we have reviewed and listed throughout this website, for each of them not only offer plenty of great playing slots and more importantly the Tiki Island slot game, but they also give away some very generous player bonuses too.

Those bonuses will allow you to get the maximum play time and value from your bingo slot game playing budget and bankroll and you will also find each bingo site offering the Tiki Island slot always have a very fair set of terms and conditions attached to each of their bonuses too.

As you may not have played the Tiki Island slot yourself, then to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether it is going to be the type of slot game you will enjoy playing online we have put together a full and in-depth review do those slot and you will additional find lots of hints and tips and strategy guides and article throughout this website which will show you how to play it optimally.