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A Range of Comic Book Themed Online Slots Available


Today, there is a huge variety of online slots based on different themes and targeting different groups of players. To come up with something highly engaging, the online gaming developers have released slots that are based on comic books. Yes, these slots are as interesting as reading a comic book or watching a film based on the same title. In fact, the slots offer you a chance to make money unlike movies and comic books.

Discussed below are some of the slots based on comic books:

Popular Comic Books Turned into Online Slots

The Incredible Hulk Slot

You must have been a fan of this comic book since your teenage. Now that you have grown up, you can enjoy it in the form online slot at the casinos. The Incredible Hulk is a five reel slot with 50 pay lines, which means that you will get enough opportunities to make the best winning combinations and make huge cash. When compared with other comic-themed games, this one is the most rewarding. If you think that this slot is designed to make you angry then you must know then it has been developed to offer the taste of action with fun. However, Bruce Banners in the game seems furious and destroys the helicopters and police cars that come in his way. This destruction can make you earn huge bonuses and will be in your favor only. The actual amount won remains to be a surprise until the destruction is complete.

Iron Man 2 Slot

This title has made people crazy through the comic book and the film. It really stands out from all the other available slots. The slots include scenes from the movie that featured Mickey Rourke, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson. It is true that players who have seen the film will be able to connect themselves with the characters of the slot well. This five reel game with three rows offers the chance to earn up to ten free spins with the help of the multiplier. Thus, you are sure to be an addict of this comic & film themed slot once you have started playing it.

Fantastic Four Slot

There would be hardly anyone who has not seen the Fantastic Four movie. The famous four characters including the Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, the Thing and the Invisible Woman has gained much popularity and have made their place into the comic books and slots too. The slot looks very exciting with different wild and scatter symbols. Here, players have the opportunity to enable the frozen wilds and get the free spins by landing the Globe scatter symbol anywhere on the reels. To add on, the epic soundtrack and the graphics of the slot are just superb.

The Dark Knight Slot

The comic with the same title remained to be popular for years and a movie was also made on this. The Dark Knight movie was released in the year 2008 and was a major hit around the globe. Today, a slot with the same title has been launched in the casino industry to call upon the fans of it. Like the film, the slot revolves around the epic battle between the cruel joker and the Batman. Without a doubt, this slot is all about surprises, multipliers and free spins. You are sure to enjoy it to the maximum.

Therefore, you must sign up at a reputed casino website now to enjoy these outstanding comic book themed slots. You can acquire rest of the details and the information of every slot on the casino’s website only.


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