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5 Secrets that Slot Players Should Know!


Slots machines are an unending source of enjoyment, and it shouldn’t be surprising at all that most gamblers make a bee-line for them at casinos. Games such as Tiki Island slot are a great deal of fun to play, and indeed, you can play them for long periods of time without getting bored, thanks to their high tech animation and great bonus feature games. If, however, you aren’t really doing very well on these games, then it’s time you know a few important things about these games.

5 Secrets

  • Slot machines are built to favour the casino. This means that any wins you get are unusual occurrences and you should be prepared to lose some money. Of course, you will win money now and then, but if you get carried away then you can get into serious trouble. Since all machines are not programmed in the same way with pay out percentages ranging from 80% to 97%, it is best to look around for slot machines that offer better returns so that you can play on them. The lower limit for player returns is fixed by the government but this still leaves a wide range for casinos to use.
  • Slot machine winning combinations are determined by inbuilt microchips which go on generating number combinations irrespective of whether the machine is being played or not. As a result, these are purely games of randomness and there is absolutely nothing you can do to make a win happen. Strategies involving trying to count the symbols on the screen will amount to nothing. Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to stick to a slot machine that hasn’t given a win in a while just because you feel that a win is long overdue and therefore has to happen.
  • Slot machines that accept smaller coins are more likely to pay out than machines that accept larger denominations. The wins will be in the small to medium range but they are wins nonetheless and you can quite easily accumulate a few of them during a session of playing slots. This is a good thing to remember if you have a very small budget for gambling because you might just win more money in the long run than more aggressive gamblers.
  • Progressive slots have immensely large jackpots but you have to wager a lot of money in order to qualify for them. As a matter of fact, it is these jackpots that get reported about in the media. You’ll need to check the terms of the game before you start playing because there might be a minimum wagering requirement that allows you to qualify for the big win.
  • Discipline goes a long way when you are gambling. Go to the casino with a fixed amount of money in hand and the determination to gamble only using that money. Your wins, if any, should be kept separately so that you do not fritter them away in your desire to win more money.

You’ll definitely enjoy playing Tiki Island and other slots a lot more if you keep a cool head when gambling and go with the intention of having fun.


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