Where to Play Tiki Island Slot


Tiki Island slot is famous for its amazing graphics, symbols and rewards.

This five reel game with 20 pay lines is the best option to spend time and take a break from the daily monotonous schedule.

The auto spin feature of this slot is an added advantage! You can play with Dollars, Euros and Pounds at the site.

However, players keep on hunting for the best sites offering this slot, as not all sites have this slot in their list of games.

Here are a few different casinos that offer Tiki Island slot and various other promotional offers.

Tiki Island Bonus of the Month


Heart Bingo – 400% Bonus

heartbingo 728x90

The Top 3 sites with Tiki Island slot

Starspins – 200% Bonus up to £200 Free

starspins 728x90


Heart Bingo – Deposit £10 Get £50 on Tiki!

heartbingo 728x90


JackpotJoy – Deposit £10, get £35 to play with

jackpotjoy 728x90


Tiki Island slot sites for Non-UK players

Starspins Casino

Starspins CasinoStarspins offers Tiki Island slot with many other slot games.

This site is best known for offering games from the Gamesys Group and highest quality IGT slots.

The site does not offer any table or bingo games, but you can expect to receive 200% welcome bonus that can be used on a wide variety of slot games.

The site also does not offer a mobile version. However, players can play Fortune Temple slot with the free spins that are given daily.

Overall, you will have a great gaming experience at Starspins Casino.

Jackpotjoy Casino

Jackpotjoy CasinoThis site will be the best place for you if you want to play Tiki Island slot.

Once you have approached this site, you can take advantage of its many more benefits. It offers a huge collection of scratch cards such as Bejewelled and Scratchcard Shop.

Along with Tiki Island slot, you can also enjoy three games that are offered by this site daily and can be played free.

As far as casino games are concerned, you can play backjack, roulette as well as poker.

In the mobile version of the site, you can enjoy a few varieties of slot games and table games with one 90-bingo room.

Jackpotjoy is a sister site of Sun Bingo and offers great gaming experience to the players.


BotemaniaIt is an online casino where you can play Tiki Island slot. It has special offers for its punters, as you can get a welcome bonus of 200% and enjoy playing any casino games round the clock.

With only 10p in your pocket, you can get in on a €10 jackpot!

For the ones who love playing Super Bingo at night, the site has a lot more in store for them. You can always get in touch with the expert team of the site to gain details about the special timings in which it offers more promotions.

Without a doubt, these online casinos will provide you a fantastic gaming experience and will make you win huge money in Tiki Island slot.

Therefore, compare different sites and select the one that suits your needs and budget perfectly.

In fact, you can also sign up at two different sites and continue with the one offering more enjoyment, and thrill.

To find the best, you can read testimonials and the many forums where people who’ve already played on a particular online casino share their experiences!

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Three Bingo Sites to Play Tiki Island Slot


A number of bingo sites now have this progressive slot game available for the players, which has yellow puffer fish as one of its main features.

In order to enable the same bonus, the player has to make sure that they correctly match three of the ‘Under the Sea’ feature, which will open the doors of jackpot, where the player can win a handsome amount.

Tiki Island slot has many features, one of them are the three coconuts. If the player is lucky enough to match three of them, they will directly enter the Tiki Nuts Bonus round in which it gets very simple for the players. All they need to do is select the coconuts to find out what prizes are hidden behind them.

The Interesting Game Play

Tiki Island slot is a five reel game, which has a total of 20 pay lines available for the player.

All the player has to do is click on the spin button and wait till the symbols form a winning sequence.

Talking about the betting amount, the player has complete freedom to select an amount that they are comfortable with.

If you are new to the game, you can start your bet with 1p or wager £10 if you’re planning to hit the jackpot, that way your total bet amount will be around £200 during a single spin, but don’t worry, who knows, you can walk away with the jackpot amount!

Tiki Island Slot is Available on Your Favourite Bingo Sites

Sun Bingo

sun-bingoThe player wins a bonus amount of £30 as soon as he deposits £10, hence, giving the player a total of £40 to play with. This is due to their welcome bonus offer!

The minimum deposit amount is £10 and the maximum bonus amount that can be won by the player on the site is £300.

The site was introduced in 2008 and has managed to become one of the best sites that is available in the market.

The players can expect to win good cash prizes after joining the site.

Once the deposit has been made by the player, the games become available for them, which include 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball, along with other bingo games.

Heart Bingo

Heart BingoHeart Bingo has exciting offers for new players too, one of them being the joining bonus.

Deposit £10 and Heart Bingo will give you a bonus of £20, hence, you start your journey here with a decent £30.

The math here on this site is pretty simple for the players; the bonus amount is 200% of the deposit amount, which can go up to a maximum of £100.

Jackpotjoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy BingoJackpotjoy is one of the famous bingo sites in the market right now.

It has various features, which suit different players in different ways.

Deposit £10 and you get a bonus of £25. The bonus amount is 250% of the initial deposit amount.

The site has the segments divided carefully, which makes it easier for new players to manage their account.

For example, My Accounts section displays the wagering terms and conditions on the website.

Which Way is the UK Gaming Industry Headed?


Gambling is a well-established industry in the United Kingdom, with customers having plenty of options to gamble at land based and establishments and online casinos. Following is a study about the country’s gambling landscape in order to understand which direction it is heading in.

Online Gaming to Increase its Market Share

According to figures released by James Green, Programme Director of UK Gambling Commission, the online casino, bingo, and sports betting business collectively has a 29% market share. This figure is set to increase in keeping with global gambling trends. The UKGC studies market trends in great detail in order to shape policies that will help the industry grow steadily and stay fair and free of criminal activity.

Free Bets to be Taxed

Gambling regulations in the United Kingdom have come in for a fair amount of criticism from remote operators. In fact, they expect the soon to be announced tax regime to go against them. Ladbrokes CEO Jim Mullens pointed out that the ‘free-bet’ taxation set to be launched in August 2017 was making the industry feel jittery. This will, however, bring in a lot of money to the government. The industry is expected to generate £45 million in taxes in 2017-18, and this figure is expected to touch £110 million in 2020-21.

Online casinos find that free bets are a very effective tool to retain existing players and attract new ones. Therefore, most casinos, big and small, offer varying numbers of free bets to their customers. Therefore, being faced with having to pay a 15% tax for these gifts will be a major liability for these companies. They have petitioned the government that the resulting tax burden would be far too much for them to bear. There are indications that the government might rework the tax regimen this year.

What’s in the Future for Land Based Casinos?

There are a number of well-established land-based casinos in London but they have been finding it hard to manage thanks to outdated laws. The land based gambling industry is legislated by the 1968 Gaming Act. The 2005 Gaming Act was expected to help the industry by doing away with some of the restrictions that casinos have to operate under. The industry has not shown any growth ever since 2005, and many of the licenses that were issued at that time have not even been used. Interestingly, there has been an uptick in traffic to these casinos over the past few years. In fact, there was a 3.6 million increase in visitors from 2010 to 2015. More than 75% of this grown emanated from London alone.

The gambling industry is seeking to offer customers the kind of gaming experience they get at the big gambling centres at Macau or Las Vegas. Since most casinos get a bulk of their revenues from slot machines even though they offer a wide range of games, casinos in the UK are pushing for laws that will allow them to vastly increase the number of slot machines on offer. Since British casinos earn only 15% of their revenues from slot machines, having more of these will definitely increase their overall warnings. The gambling laws are also very outdated vis-à-vis technological developments in the industry.

Europe’s Mega Gaming Expo Held in London

ICE 2017 came to an end recently, with more than 28000 delegates taking part in the casino industry’s mega event. The event had 567 exhibitors from different parts of the world showcasing a wide range of new products, concepts, and technologies. There were also many learning and networking opportunities during the event.

Looking ahead, the gambling industry will have to factor in the growing impact of the millennial generation.

Bongo’s Bingo: Newcastle’s Most Uncommon Night Club


There are plenty of nightclubs where you can let your hair down but beyond a point you’ll have to admit that there’s very little to differentiate one from the other although they are all great places to be. There’s a brand new nightclub concept and it’s proving to be great fun because it offers a lot more than just the usual heady mix of dance, booze, and companionship. This version of nightclub involves bingo and it is known as Rave Bingo.

Rave Bingo club nights are run by a company known as Bongo’s Bingo and it is an absolute riot. The company had organised one of these club nights at Newcastle late last year as part of its launch. The party was held at South Street’s Boiler Shop and it was a huge success going by the amount of madness involved.

No one could have imagined that Bingo and Rave music would have made such a great combination but the event at Newcastle provided enough proof that it would work well together. However, a careful examination of the bingo industry would indicate that the game has been attracting young customers at a steady rate. It’s true that bingo rooms all across the United Kingdom feature mostly women above a certain age, but the situation is entirely different at online casinos.

Online bingo attracts a very wide range of customers because of its nifty animation and attractive promotions. Online bingo sites also offer a wide range of experiences apart from just Bingo. Players can play slots and casino games when they want a break from Bingo. They can also try their hand at different variations of the game themed on hugely popular game shows such as Deal or No Deal and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

It is interesting to note that more than 1.9 million people play this game every month in the United Kingdom. Playing bingo on one’s computer lacks the social element that a land based bingo hall can provide but the industry is working to address this issue without delay. Many online bingo sites offer text chat facility in addition to exciting live games hosted by experienced presenters who can keep the excitement going.

Bingo Plus Rave Becomes Something Else Entirely

Rave Bingo isn’t just a bingo game where people listen to rave music. This is a totally wild event that has a number of unexpected twists to keep players involved at all times. Bingo players wait for the rave intervals when they pick up glowsticks to be part of the music-fuelled fun. The occasional dance-offs are immense fun and they always manage to pull in lots of enthusiastic participants. There is also a mad scramble to see what the piñata has to offer.

There are plenty of exciting prizes at Bongo Bingo and people vie with each other to win them. The prizes are admittedly lower than the ones offered by bingo halls or even by gaming sites, but they’re really worth playing for.
Rave Bingo has become a huge hit with younger people and lots of universities have become venues of these events. In fact, many rave bingo is now organized for many fresher’s events in different parts of the country.

The people at Bongo’s Bingo clearly know exactly what their customers want because each event has been a great deal of fun so far. The tickets aren’t particularly costly, and they are definitely worth the money because of the huge amount of excitement to be had. Both Bingo and Rave are great fun to play, but the combination takes both to a higher level.

Pay-by-Phone-Bill Gaming Sites Very Popular With Customers


The online gambling industry has been surging ahead in popularity over the last decade or so thanks to a combination of factors. The industry is no doubt very popular thanks to the convenience and cost effectiveness it offers, and this has helped it attract customers from all over the world. In many instances, online casinos have taken business away from land based businesses but the industry has also been able to bring in entirely new customers. One of the main reasons for the rapid expansion of the industry has been its successful adoption of new technologies and concepts.

The online gambling industry is driven by technology and this has helped it expand at a blistering pace. Since the land based gambling industry requires tremendous cash investments whenever a new casino is to be launched, most operators take the franchise route here. However, it’s quite different in the online gambling industry. Operators can pay for ready made online platforms and state their gambling businesses without any delay or much of a headache. As a result, there has been a rush to launch online casinos, both from existing operators and also businesses new to the industry.

Some online gambling sites are able to steal a march over others even though they all share pretty much the same kind of gaming software. This is most often achieved by offering creative ways to address the needs of customers. Startups can bring in a lot of creativity to stand out from other operators. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes really quite difficult to make out that a gambling site has been made from little more than a template.

Players are increasingly vocal about finding sites that meet their exacting needs. This goes far beyond looking into the range of games available. People also expect gambling sites to provide a safe and reliable environment since there is a lot of money involved. Given that there is an immense amount of competition in this industry, operators have to be very particular about providing all the necessary features.

Another important factor that players consider when choosing a gambling site is the convenience with which money can be transferred and withdrawn. Players do have quite a few options when it comes to depositing money into their casino accounts and withdrawing their wins. Depending on the site, they can make use of credit and debit cards as well as online wallets to do the needful. The time taken and the charges incurred varies according to the method and also according to the rules of the site in question.

There has been an exciting new development in the online gambling industry, and it is that money can now be transferred via mobile card bills. Gamblers can now charge payments of varying sizes to their mobile phone bills so that they can continue playing. The total amounts can then be paid at one time of the month as part of the phone bill. This facility is also available for pre-paid phones.

The pay by phone bill gambling concept is still in its infancy but these sites are getting to be extremely popular with players because this is a simple, quick and cheap way of transferring money to their accounts. The money is transferred immediately, enabling them to gamble without interruption. This is also the perfect way to transfer small amounts of money to catch a couple of games of bingo or slots. Not only are these micro-payments very convenient but this method also provides anonymity to people who don’t want their bank or credit card statements to feature payments to gambling sites.

Three States in the USA Likely to Legalise Online Gambling This Year


There’s a strong likelihood that three states in the US might finally pass laws in 2017 to make online gambling legal. There hasn’t been any change in the online gambling sector in the country since 2013, but it’s about time that important changes are made. After all, the growing numbers of Americans playing at offshore casino sites indicates that there is immense demand for online gambling services. At present, only three states have legalized gambling on the internet.

Chris Grove and Adam Krejcik, two industry analysts, have released a report that makes very interesting reading. Known as U.S. iGaming Industry Update – 2017, the report indicated that anything from one to three states will legalize online gambling during the year.

Pennsylvania to Play an Important Role

The gambling industry is looking to the state of Pennsylvania to kick start online gaming services. Grove and Krejcik are of the opinion that this state seems the likeliest to pass pro-online gambling laws. They also believe that a couple of other states which are undecided about the issue as of now will take the plunge once Pennsylvania shows the way. The state has a population of 12 million people, and opening online gambling to them will have a huge impact on the industry. At the same time, if the state does not pass the necessary laws, it seems very unlikely that any other states will follow suit.

The House of Representatives in Pennsylvania has previously introduced a bill on the subject, and it is waiting to be passed by the Senate. The bill will require support from Republicans and Democrats alike in order to become law.

California and New York Undecided

The gambling industry has also been looking at both of these states in anticipation of pro-online gambling laws. However, only New York seems even remotely likely to get an online gambling industry in 2017. There is a chance that the state will make online poker legal. State Senator John Boniac reintroduced a bill for online poker and it made it past the Senate in 2016. However, it isn’t all smooth sailing for the industry in spite of having legislative support.

The state legislature had legalized Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) as well in the state by terming it a game of skill and not entirely luck. There is a litigation going on as of now concerning this vertical, and it might have a negative effect on online poker. There are fears that arguments against DFS could be used against online Poker because this is also a game of skill.

When it comes to California, the state hasn’t been able to pass the necessary laws to legalize online gambling over the past decade or so. However, the situation here will only change if PokerStars decides to exit the state.

What About Massachusetts?

There is a fair chance that Massachusetts will expand into the online gambling industry. The state has an online gambling bill up for discussion as of the present. Lawmakers have also instituted a study panel to examine daily fantasy sports and also regulations concerning online gambling. Incidentally, the state had made DFS legal the previous year. The state might even launch an online lottery very soon. Lawmakers in the state do seem to be keen to legalize online gambling, but there is a good chance that this will happen in 2018 if it does happen at all.

Other States

Michigan and Connecticut are also flirting with the idea of making online gambling legal but it is unlikely that any progress will happen any time soon. What’s more is that the Federal government is unlikely to do anything to deter any states from legalizing online gambling.

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Become a Member of Joe Fortune Casino for an Amazing Casino Experience


Joe Fortune has entered the Australian casino industry with a bang. Although the casino has opened in the year 2016 only but it has captivated attention of many. The casino has a scheme of white, yellow and black and has established itself with an aim to keep the Aussies entertained with the best games.

While talking about the authenticity of the casino, it is regulated and authorised by Curacao E-Gaming. Further, it is owned by Betting Partners that has already a part of the industry and operates various other gambling sites like Bovada. This simply means that the casino has entered the industry with a lot of industry experience and support.

A Variety of Games Available at Joe Fortune Casino

When it comes to the major interest of the Australian players, it is poker. You can find poker at every casino, clubs and pubs in this nation. This interest is mainly because poker offers an opportunity to make huge cash just from a single spin. Joe Fortune has excelled in offering different table games like roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and Caribbean Stud Poker. You can play an array of pokie slots and multiple variants of video poker such as Deuces Wild and Joker Poker and Jacks or Better.

In addition, the category of specialty games precisely includes Keno, Bingo and Scratch cards, which have lower payback percentage. However, these special games can be a great pastime if you are looking for some casual games just for enjoyment. Furthermore, the casino keeps on expanding its gaming portfolio by introducing newest of the new slots every month.

Online Slots for Players at Joe Fortune Casino

Without a doubt, majority of the players today enjoy playing online slots due to their lucrative bonuses and progressive jackpots. Joe Fortune casino offers a very captivating variety of online slots that are worth your immediate attention. Some of these exciting slots include Jurassic Park, Cleopatra’s Gold, Terminator 2, Avalon and Game of Thrones with 15 pay lines and 243 ways to create the winning combinations. These are just few out of many available slots at the casino.

You can explore the casino site to get hold of the progressive jackpot pokies such as Mega Moolah. Other non-progressive slots also offer a large sum of money when played with smartness and right tricks. The best part is that the casino offers its mobile version, which means that players can play their much preferred slot through their smartphones only from any corner of the world. So, if you have an Android phone, iPad or a tablet then you do not have to worry about playing casino games.

Bonuses and Promotions at Joe Fortune Casino

The casino offers exciting offers and bonuses to the players in order to retain their interest. It offers a welcome bonus of $5 to the new players who make a deposit into the casino. For this, you will just have to register yourself at the site by filling the form with all their personal details required and then make a first deposit. After that, you can claim a welcome bonus of 200% up to $1000. Moreover, you can expect to receive 100% reload bonus of up to $500 on your next eight deposits. You can sign up for VIP program also that will offer you 10 percent cashback on daily basis.

The casino has become popular due to its round-the-clock customer support service. The technical crew of the casino is dedicated to help the customers in resolving their queries about the site or any particular game. Thus, you can contact the casino’s staff whenever you are facing any issues or wish to know more about the promotional programs.

A Range of Comic Book Themed Online Slots Available


Today, there is a huge variety of online slots based on different themes and targeting different groups of players. To come up with something highly engaging, the online gaming developers have released slots that are based on comic books. Yes, these slots are as interesting as reading a comic book or watching a film based on the same title. In fact, the slots offer you a chance to make money unlike movies and comic books.

Discussed below are some of the slots based on comic books:

Popular Comic Books Turned into Online Slots

The Incredible Hulk Slot

You must have been a fan of this comic book since your teenage. Now that you have grown up, you can enjoy it in the form online slot at the casinos. The Incredible Hulk is a five reel slot with 50 pay lines, which means that you will get enough opportunities to make the best winning combinations and make huge cash. When compared with other comic-themed games, this one is the most rewarding. If you think that this slot is designed to make you angry then you must know then it has been developed to offer the taste of action with fun. However, Bruce Banners in the game seems furious and destroys the helicopters and police cars that come in his way. This destruction can make you earn huge bonuses and will be in your favor only. The actual amount won remains to be a surprise until the destruction is complete.

Iron Man 2 Slot

This title has made people crazy through the comic book and the film. It really stands out from all the other available slots. The slots include scenes from the movie that featured Mickey Rourke, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson. It is true that players who have seen the film will be able to connect themselves with the characters of the slot well. This five reel game with three rows offers the chance to earn up to ten free spins with the help of the multiplier. Thus, you are sure to be an addict of this comic & film themed slot once you have started playing it.

Fantastic Four Slot

There would be hardly anyone who has not seen the Fantastic Four movie. The famous four characters including the Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, the Thing and the Invisible Woman has gained much popularity and have made their place into the comic books and slots too. The slot looks very exciting with different wild and scatter symbols. Here, players have the opportunity to enable the frozen wilds and get the free spins by landing the Globe scatter symbol anywhere on the reels. To add on, the epic soundtrack and the graphics of the slot are just superb.

The Dark Knight Slot

The comic with the same title remained to be popular for years and a movie was also made on this. The Dark Knight movie was released in the year 2008 and was a major hit around the globe. Today, a slot with the same title has been launched in the casino industry to call upon the fans of it. Like the film, the slot revolves around the epic battle between the cruel joker and the Batman. Without a doubt, this slot is all about surprises, multipliers and free spins. You are sure to enjoy it to the maximum.

Therefore, you must sign up at a reputed casino website now to enjoy these outstanding comic book themed slots. You can acquire rest of the details and the information of every slot on the casino’s website only.

Millionaires Island Slot Launched By PokerStars Casino


PokerStars is the leading poke site in the casino industry today. It has built a strong reputation with its safe and secure banking methods, 24/7 customer support service, user-friendly interface and an endless variety of games. In fact, it offers a chance to play poker for free and then try it for real money after gaining the expertise of the game.

In addition to this, the site also conducts the finest online poker events to help players exhibit their playing skills and compete with international competitors. The unique part is that it is the only site that players can play against Team PokerStars Pro. Yes, you can challenge the team of pro players of the site and win huge rewards.

Millionaires Island Slot

PokerStars has recently hit the news by releasing its latest slot called the Millionaires Island Slot. It is a five reel slot with 25 pay lines, giving enough chances to make giant wins. This slot is available to only the players who are a member of PokerStars casino. The best feature of the game is that you can place a bet of as little as $0.50, which means that the slot is the best deal for the ones who are not interested to wager higher amounts.

With this, the slot also features the progressive jackpot that goes as higher as up to $1 million. Thus, the high rollers can place the higher bets in order to make place in the progressive jackpot. The jackpot size will keep on rising up with the spinning of the wheels each time. Besides this, you also have an opportunity to win through various bonus features and other fixed payouts.

In the Words of Sam Hobcraft

Sam Hobcraft, the Director of PokerStars Casino mentioned in an interview that the casino is highly honored to introduce Millionaires Island slot, which is one of its kinds. He revealed that it is the first exclusive game developed by casino and is going to help in expanding the gaming portfolio of the casino. This in-house developed game has increased the reputation of the casino in the respective industry and is sure to bring in more popularity.

Sam made it clear that the objective of the casino is to become the highly preferred eGaming destination for more and more players across the globe. The casino has already reached to the position of being the player’s favorite but it is aimed to get even more fame with its unique gaming products.

According to the company statement, this exclusive slot game that features biggest independent minimum jackpot is going to provide PokerStars an edge over other competitors in the casino industry. It will support the casino in becoming the largest and the most popular casino in the world. It clearly shows that the casino has high hopes with this new in-house development.

The Bottom Line

Millionaires Island Slot is surely an engaging slot, which will keep your interest intact for a longer period of time. The game can be accessed in the areas of Europe, UK and the places where the casino is available. Players can use the mobile app of the casino and can be easily downloaded to the desktop, which means that it offers a complete convenience to the players to enjoy the games within their comfort.

Not to forget, the technical staff of the casino is always available for the players to solve their queries regarding the functioning of the game or the website. The team is available round-the-clock to offer the seamless casino gaming experience to all its players. Thus, sign up at PokerStars casino and enjoy Millionaires Island Slot now!

Jade Magician Slot – A Thrilling and Engaging Slot by Play’n GO


Since its inception in the year 1997, Play’n GO has been rendering the most exclusive titles of casino games to its players across the globe. The company holds the license to offer its services in Belgium, Alderney, UK, Denmark, Malta and Gibraltar.

With its core technology called, ‘Maven’, the company has been successful its offering its gaming products to the people. The company already has a strong portfolio of games including Wild North, Royal Masquerade, Tower Quest and others. However, it has recently made news by releasing the newest slot game called Jade Magician slot.

About Jade Magician Slot

It is a 5 reel video slot game with an Oriental theme. The entire slot has a very spooky and enthralling background that suits the main character of the game, Jade Magician. In addition to this, the slot also has some of the most interesting features including the Second chance feature, scatter symbols, wild symbols and free spins.

Jade Magician acts as the scatter symbol in the game while the other symbols include a hawk, crescent moon, a white tiger, dragon and an x2 multiplier. Note that, the scatter symbol has a big role in fetching you free spins and increasing the sum of jackpot. Once you have landed on this game, you will be able to acquire entire knowledge about the symbols and their payouts.

About Jade Magician Slot Gameplay

Jade Magician slot has a clean user-interface, which means that you will not face any issues in playing. It has an amazing quality of graphics that can captivate the player’s attention right away while the outstanding sound track is just well-suited to the entire theme of the slot. In addition to this, players must know that a maximum of only 15 lines can be enabled in the base game and they can place a bet of up to five coins per line.

As far as the role of wild symbol is concerned, it will appear only on the third reel. The best part is that your prize will be doubled if the winning combination created by you involves a wild symbol. On the other hand, you can see scatter symbols on 1, 3 and 5 reels of the game. These scatters can help you in triggering the special features of the slot.

The Second Chance Feature in Jade Magician Slot

You can trigger the Second Chance Feature, which is the major highlight of the slot by landing two scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Once you have enabled this feature, you will have an opportunity to select one symbol out of four on the screen. Depending upon your selection, you will be offered instant prizes or free spins. You must know that you can even expect to receive five free spins if you have landed three scatters on the screen.

The interesting part is that the scatter symbol will turn into a wild symbol during these free spins, which means that you will have better chances to create better winning combinations. Players can also retrigger the free spins and can get 50 free spins, which is just amazing. You always have the chance to win a minimum of one or two free spins even if they have landed one or two scatters. Thus, this slot is all about winning and making cash.

The Bottom Line

Jade Magician slot is a highly appealing casino game by Play’n GO and is worth trying. You can play this game at casinos that are powered by Play’n GO including Mr. Ringo casino, Casino Cruise and others. Thus, you must now try this game and create the best winning combination.

Playtech Forsees Major Success With Nostradamus Slot Game


Slot games enthusiasts have plenty of fantastic options to choose from since gaming software companies keep on releasing new titles at a fairly regular basis. However, anyone who plays slots often will tell you that the games tend to look pretty similar because they all share the same colour schemes and images. Playtech’s decision to create a slot game themed on Nostradamus is therefore quite a good idea. After all, how many games could be themed around a sixteenth century French doctor and visionary?

The Nostradamus slot game does belong to the Playtech stables, but it has been created by Ash Gaming which Playtech bought in 2011. Ash Gaming, in business since 2000, produces a whole lot of interesting games and its titles such as The Life of Brian, and Sinbad’s Golden Voyage are extremely popular.

Fabulous Look

The first thing you will notice about the Nostradamus game is its lovely artwork. It has a very medieval look and the symbols used in it include globes, books, hourglasses and telescopes. The overall look of the game is extremely sophisticated. The game also has a lovely soundtrack that matches the classy visuals. It is clear to see that the production values of the game are of extremely high quality, very much like other titles from Ash Gaming.

Predictions From Nostradamus

One of the coolest things about the game is the way in which it uses the Nostradamus story. The grand old man makes quite a few predictions during the game when it is in regular play mode. These aren’t the original quatrains but are announcements of bonuses and cash prizes. Chances are that players would prefer these predictions to the original ones!

Special Features

The game has a very attractive special feature known as the Planets Bonus. It consists of planets orbiting the sun. In case the planets align on the win line then they will provide the player with multipliers depending on the number of planets that are aligned. The game also has free spins rounds that have three wild symbols. Each of these wilds operates in a different way to provide benefits to players. Players will definitely enjoy seeing these symbols because of how they can multiply wins.


Some people might complain that the Nostradamus game is a bit too sophisticated. In fact, the soundtrack uses elements of classical music and lots of people simply might not like listening to this type of music when gambling. The bonus game could also have been given additional interactive features to make things more interesting. People tend to prefer games that require audience participation beyond just placing wagers.


Nostradamus Prophecy is without doubt a superb game thanks to its unusual theme and its superb artwork. This is a very good game to try out even if classical music and a medieval theme doesn’t really work for you. You’ll easily find this game on many gambling sites where you will also come across a whole lot of interesting titles from Playtech.

Ban on Sports Betting Advertisements in Australia

Sports Betting Advertisements

Sports betting has always been a very controversial topic. More so, many states and their legislations have a problem with rules of online gambling, especially sports betting. On the other hand, Australians have always had a good time when it comes to betting and playing. With the advent of online casino games, more and more players have switched from going to the land-based casinos and playing such games online. Hence, this has given rise to a strange scenario where people have been enthused to take part in the same. While it is important to also understand the gambling can lead to several other issues, and the major one being addiction.

Though one should play the online games in moderation, it is also important to understand the various drawbacks of the same. Many people do not understand that gambling has a lot to do with luck. And, while you win some, you might also lose some in the process. Hence, making something like gambling a habit to earn money is not advisable to anyone; wealthy or not so well off. The Green Party of Australia has a couple of senators in the lower house, also about 23 representatives being elected in the state, and more than 100 councillors and more than 10,000 party members, as was reports in 2011.

It is only recently that we have learnt that the Greens Party intends to bring forth a legislation that prohibits all kinds of sports advertisements. They are following the lines of when the advertising of tobacco was banned in 1992. According to the Senator and gambling critic of the Green Party, Richard Di Natale, sports gambling is an adult pastime, very similar to something like tobacco which should be primarily consumed by adults. He says that both the products should be treated as per certain standards. He further stated that while adults have all the right to play whatever they want as they are responsible individuals. But, there has to be a distinction between striding in a casino to gamble and watching a game a footy. The aim of the Greens Party is to keep the people of Australia safe from such addictions.

Furthermore, Australia has also been one of the countries who has banned the on-air promotion of the live odds during the broadcast of several of their games. The Green Party is of the view that promotions should be done in reasonable limits, and that when we show such promotions online then it encourages kids to take up gambling from a very early age. They also believe that such promotions will tarnish the image of Australia’s rich culture of sports. It was also noted by FairFax Media in a study that lots of promotions were happening during the Australian Football League season. More so that one out of the available six slots were being taken up by promotions of sports betting. These are some of the reasons and logical explanations put forward by the Green Party with respect to their opinion about sports betting promotions and advertising.